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Rady Champions Program

Rady Champions will connect with prospective students as a representative of the Rady School of Management to ensure the best talent from around the world is enrolling in our programs. This will directly influence both the future of the school and the return on our investment as alumni.

  • As alumni you are a representation of what the Rady School is all about, and by taking an active role in connecting future students to the Alumni network- we strengthen each other through this investment.

Level of Commitment:

  • 1 Event per year (Alumni Panels, Education Fairs, Special Events, etc.)
  • 1-5 Contacts with a prospective student per year
  • Total time commitment: 5-10 hours a year depending on location, need, and interactions

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Rady Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP)

RAMP is an informal mentoring program created to greatly improve the relationship between alumni and students as well as fostering long term bonds between alumni classes.

  • As a pilot participant, your input to the future of this program will be integral! Your active participation has the potential to increase student retention and satisfaction, as well as contribute to the recognition of the Rady School as a world class institution with an engaging network of graduates.
  • This flexible mentoring program allows you to tailor the mentoring approach to your mentee, thereby improving its success. Together, you will build a RAMP that launches your mentee(s) into a lifetime of achievement and contribution to the Rady Community.

Level of Commitment:

  • RAMP Alumni will be loosely paired with 1-2 participating students. Whether your mentee(s) is new to the area and seeking help getting acclimated, looking for career advice, or simply needing help navigating the program, you will be their guide through the first 6 months of their Rady MBA.
  • Flexible based on the preferences of you and your mentee.
  • At least 1 engagement or 1 hour per month, but ongoing engagement via phone, email, or in person is encouraged.

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