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The following are faculty members who are part of the Atkinson Behavioral Research Lab team. Click their names below to open their faculty directory pages in a new window:

On Amir
Sanjiv Erat
Ayelet Gneezy
Uri Gneezy
Vish Krishnan
Wendy Liu
Craig McKenzie
Christopher Oveis
Yuval Rottenstreich
David Schkade
Pamela Smith
Elanor Williams

Some graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Rady also use the Research Lab.  Their email addresses can be found below:

Graduate Students:
Alex Imas
Elizabeth Keenan
Matthew  Lupoli
Coby Morvinski
Lakshminarayana Nittala
Jessica Outlaw
Silvia Saccardo

Postdoctoral Fellow:
Johannes Muller-Trede