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The Entrepreneur’s Guide
to Equity Compensation

Fourth Edition. Updated in 2006 to reflect significant legal and accounting changes, this guide offers a comprehensive look at employee ownership practices and practicalities. Learn about stock options, stock grants, ESOPs and other plans; critical issues like dilution, disclosure and minority shareholder rights; and what is needed to create a successful equity-sharing program ... buy online

Transitioning Ownership in the Private Company: The ESOP Solution

Second Edition. ESOPs can offer the best of all worlds: employee involvement, local ownership, liquidity for privately-held stock and tax advantages. This book expertly illustrates the use of the leveraged ESOP to buy out an existing owner and enhance employee motivation and retention ... buy online

Employee Financial Participation:
An International Survey

By David Binns, George Mason University. An overview of key international trends in employee ownership, pension reform, equity compensation, privatization and employee financial participation in over 30 countries, reflecting dramatic changes brought on by the progress of globalization. In addition to a survey of the legislative and regulatory changes in both established and emerging economies, this book provides examples of the impact of these strategies on individual firm performance ... buy online

Other Suggested Reading

Equity: Why Employee Ownership is
Good for Business

By Corey Rosen, John Case and Martin Staubus, Harvard Business School Press. Drawing on first-hand studies of dozens of companies from large corporations to local retailers, the authors show that the "equity model" enables firms to grow faster and more profitably than conventionally run competitors ... HBS Press | Amazon

Employee Stock Ownership Plans:
ESOP Planning, Financing, Implementation,
Law and Taxation

A comprehensive employee ownership guide for management teams, business owners and legal, accounting, investment, insurance or tax counsel. Sections cover basic matters such as administration, complex transactional issues, case studies and more ... | Amazon

The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company

By J. Robert Beyster with Peter Economy, John Wiley & Sons. Get the inside story behind an employee-owned company that thrived and grew to become a significant force in the nation's scientific and technical markets. This book offers valuable lessons on how to build a company in which loyalty to values goes hand-in-hand with success ... FED | Amazon