September Training Seminar on Employee Stock Plans
– Just For Business Advisers

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By Martin Staubus

Professional business advisers take note: UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management is offering a new educational training program on employee stock programs – designed expressly for professionals.

Created by the experts at the Rady School’s Beyster Institute, this one-day course will review the full range of tools and techniques that are available for putting company equity in the hands of employees – from stock options to stock purchase plans, ESOPs, synthetic equity and more. This material will be presented and discussed from the perspective of the professional adviser. Whether you are an attorney, accountant, financial adviser, HR consultant, CFO or otherwise in a role in which you provide guidance to management, you will gain a new level of understanding and expertise in this fast-growing field.

Attendees will get the answers to questions like:

  • What are the available employee stock tools and how do they work?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • How can these tools be used smartly, efficiently and effectively?
  • Where will these tools work well – and where will they not?
  • What sort of tax savings and cash flow benefits can stock plans provide to businesses?
  • And last – but not least – how does an ESOP create a market for the stock of a private company, and why are so many business owners taking this route to liquidity?

This program will expand the range of services that you can offer to clients by positioning you to provide authoritative guidance on how these tools might help their business.

If the program is not right for you, are there others at your firm – whether young associates or established practitioners – who would benefit from it? By gaining a solid foundation in this field they will become more capable business advisers – and will help them to identify potential clients they should bring to you!

The program will be held on Friday, September 25 at the Rady School’s beautiful facilities overlooking the Pacific Ocean. If you are located outside San Diego, make a weekend of it! Come Thursday night (with golf clubs or tennis racquet, of course); put in a challenging day of learning on Friday (earning continuing education credits for your efforts), then a weekend of fresh air in San Diego!

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