The California Conference on the Stimulus:
Renewing the Economy Through the Building Trades

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A new economy is taking shape in California and across the nation, fueled by environmental priorities and financial initiatives designed to bring us out of recession. Small businesses are critical to building wealth and creating jobs, but in order to make the most of current opportunities, small business leaders must collaborate with their peers and with larger prime contracting firms to investigate the possibilities within this new marketplace.

The Beyster Institute is developing a pair of specialized conferences this October in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank, Progress Through Business and the Apollo Alliance titled “The California Conference on the Stimulus: Renewing the Economy through the Building Trades.” The purpose of these invitation-only events, which will be held in both San Diego and Palo Alto, is to disseminate information about the path through which the stimulus money will move and to highlight the role that will be played by the “green” initiatives that are so much a part of remaking our economy. The events are also designed to broker relationships between the larger architecture and construction firms that are most likely to receive these funds and the smaller and/or disadvantaged businesses into whom the flow of money can do the most good for the largest number of citizens, including employee-owned, women-owned, minority-owned and veteran-owned businesses.

Led by representatives of the Federal Reserve Board, BusinessLINC and a team of experts with real-world experience, the conferences provide a government perspective on the process of distributing stimulus dollars through the construction industry. The events also offer opportunities to network with leaders of favored corporations of all sizes in related industries, along with training, technical assistance and insights on gaining access to reasonably-priced credit and capital.

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