USD Researchers Seek Companies for FED-Funded Study on Relationship between Employee Ownership Practices and Firm Evolution

University of San Diego

Researchers at the University of San Diego (USD) are seeking to interview companies with at least 50 employees about their employee-ownership practices. Their study, funded in part by the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED), examines how a firm’s ownership practices change over time and how these practices shape a firm’s evolution, in particular its growth and capitalization strategies. While employee ownership has been viewed as a means of fostering employee motivation and loyalty to a firm, few studies have examined how it may specifically influence a firm’s capitalization options and the extent and direction of its growth.

The research team is interviewing one top manager from each firm participating in the study. The respondent must have an excellent understanding of the firm’s history and future plans as it relates to ownership practices, financing and growth. The interview is approximately 45-60 minutes. Transcripts of each interview are compared across respondents and firms in the study to determine whether there are common characteristics or patterns in ownership practices and their influence on firm capitalization and growth strategies. These comparisons are done in a manner that protects the identity of each firm and individual respondent.

Firms participating in this study will be contributing to a better understanding of how ownership practices change over time and influence a firm’s growth, capitalization and structure. These findings could be of great interest to firms seeking to grow while maintaining a highly productive and motivated workforce. All firms in the study will receive an advance summary of findings upon its completion. For additional information on the study and how to participate please contact Professor Shreesh Deshpande at or 619-260-4863­.

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