Employee Ownership Management Fall Seminar

by Hilde Stephan

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On October 2–5, 2011, the Beyster Institute at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management, will offer business professionals a three-day course in managing an employee-owned company. The Employee Ownership Management seminar is designed specifically for small- to mid-sized companies who are either new to employee ownership or are veterans looking to further enhance the growth of their organization.

Throughout the course, attendees will be given specific tools to understand and find opportunities to resolve challenges within their company or organization they may be facing in managing a successfully-driven team. In order to turn challenges into opportunities, understanding and identifying these key aspects will include:

  • An increase in the complexity — and importance — of corporate governance
  • Fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Factoring employee-shareholder liquidity needs into long-term cash planning

Educators and facilitators who are experts in the field of employee ownership will explore and communicate practical approaches and progressive ideas that equate to managing a successful employee-owned organization. Participants will implement valuable session material towards their organization with topics and highlights that include:

  • Establishing a foundation for a mission-focused, companywide team culture
  • Increasing the rate of innovation and positive change
  • New marketing directions, including branding your company so that it is seen both internally and externally as a special place
  • Recruiting and retaining entrepreneurial people who respond to the idea of building wealth through ownership
  • Accessing unique tax advantages to increase after-tax income and cash reserves
Classroom photo

The wealth of knowledge gleaned from the participant does not solely benefit them, as they are able to share the information and illustrate the practical aspects of applying lessons learned from the course to their company and team members. A former participant said that the course was an “excellent session that is applicable to any company…would love to send my partner and senior program managers to such training.” Other past participants have said that the “sessions are incredibly informative and invaluable” and has “stimulated a lot of thinking about how to move our company in the next step.”

Registration for the Employee Ownership Management course is open. For more information and to register, please visit rady.ucsd.edu/beyster/events or contact Hilde Stephan at the Beyster Institute, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego, 858.822.6002­, hestephan@ucsd.edu

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