Employee Ownership Management Program

By Hilde Stephan


It's not too late to register and participate in the upcoming Employee Ownership Management program, Oct. 7-10, 2012 at the Rady School of Management, UCSD campus. This intensive, expert-led three-day program is designed for executives of employee-owned companies where practical strategies and best practices are shared to help business leaders make the most of employee ownership.

Featured instructors include Anthony Mathews and Martin Staubus from the Beyster Institute, Rady School of Management; Sid Scott of Woodward Communications; and John Hoffmire from the Center on Business and Poverty, University of Wisconsin. Effective and practical topic sessions to be conducted throughout this three-day program include:

  • Establishing a foundation for a mission-focused, companywide team culture
  • Increasing the rate of innovation and positive change
  • New marketing directions, including branding your company so that it is seen both internally and externally as a special place
  • Recruiting and retaining entrepreneurial people who respond to the idea of building wealth through ownership
  • Accessing unique tax advantages to increase after-tax income and cash reserves

The program will start with a welcome dinner at the Sheraton La Jolla hotel, which will provide the opportunity for meeting and networking with like-minded peers.

On the third day of the program, we will visit Hot Dog on a Stick, Inc., a 100-percent employee-owned company headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. A tour of the company along with the organization's management techniques will be explored and shared with attendees. The lessons learned throughout the last two days will be harnessed during this site visit, guided by leading instructors so participants may gain practical learning tools they may apply in their organization.

Aim to have your questions answered throughout this engaging program as key strategies and challenges are fostered in the development and management of leading a successful employee-owned company. For more information or to register, go to http://rady.ucsd.edu/exec/open/employee-owned or contact Hilde Stephan at (858) 822-6002 / hestephan@ucsd.edu.

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