Beyster Institute Internship Helps Prepare GSAs for Success beyond Rady

James Colligan


The Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management (UCSD) is fortunate to have a rich pool of talented young professionals to hire from in support of our operations. Since the Institute joined the Rady School in 2004, we've employed numerous full-time MBA students to work as Graduate Student Associates (GSA) in our internship program. The program has thrived since the beginning as both the GSAs and the Institute benefit greatly from the program.

Working with the Beyster Institute's consultancy on designing and implementing programs of employee ownership for client companies is a tremendous education for a young business mind.  Modeling ESOPs and other equity sharing vehicles requires understanding of a broad range of topics across the business spectrum. As a result, an internship at the Beyster Institute is underpinned with education in everything from the principles of accounting, debt and equity financing, and valuation techniques to corporate communication and the psychology of ownership in a company's culture. We at the Institute invest heavily in educating our GSAs in all of these business tenets and we reap the reward as their competencies develop and they start to contribute to our consulting practice. Due to the sharp minds we're able to hire, this never takes long.

It's our pleasure to share some background of our most recent cohort of GSAs, and some of their recent successes in pursuing internships and full-time work since the completion of the school year.  Of the six GSAs we employed during the 2011-12 academic year, five have left us to apply all they've learned at the Institute in the business world (we're fortunate to still have Ken Huang, '12 working with us). I asked our former interns what they're doing now and how they apply their education from the Beyster Institute.  Here are some of their replies:

Junyi Cai, Class of 2012
Hometown:  Shanghai, China

"Currently, I am working for East West Bank as a banking operation trainee based in Pasadena. What I learned from the Beyster Institute is how to work in a different country and in a different culture. I think it's very important to me and hopefully for other international interns in the future. The experience taught me how to work efficiently and I gained confidence.”

Anne Taylor, Class of 2012
Hometown: Lacey, WA

"I'm a product manager in the Connectivity division of CareFusion, managing software products that will run on our medical devices. I have a healthcare background and am good with most software but I've never worked solely on managing software products. Working on the Beyster Institute website helped prepare me for the interactions with developers and user interface designers to make the best possible products on the market both in functionality and usability.”

Fiona Chou, Class of 2012
Hometown:  Taipei, Taiwan

"I'm currently between jobs on the path of my career transition, from HR to financial services. The experience at the Beyster Institute combines several great elements which sharpened my professional skills and shaped my mindset and behavior. First of all, mentored by senior consultants and working side-by-side with other GSAs, I learned a lot in finance and accounting and also got hands-on experience working on financial models, which helped me on my TAship and passing CFA level I exam. Secondly, the involvement and can-do spirit encouraged me to work more actively and independently. But the most influential part was the people. Each colleague brings in diverse skills and personalities and yet the differences harmonized like a symphony. I believe it's because what's rooted in the culture here -- to understand, to educate and to help, just like the use of employee ownership plans which benefit both the employees and the employers. I'm now a believer in employee ownership."

Garret Pavelko, Class of 2013
Hometown: San Diego, CA

"My experience at The Beyster Institute allowed me to expand my mind beyond the bottom line. At Bluepoint Solutions, we provide payment and content management solutions to credit unions, which are similar to employee-owned companies from the standpoint that they are owned by the members themselves. Any profits earned through effective management of the credit union are returned to the members via a dividend.

Therefore, I view my role as an associate inside sales representative to be that of providing solutions to credit unions that will reduce their operating costs so they can provide a larger dividend to their members. The Beyster Institute instilled in me the importance of finding mutually beneficial solutions to problems to ensure business is sustainable into the future. Overall, my way of thinking changed after working at the Beyster Institute. I realize now through my experience that it is possible for business to be profitable while also enhancing the lives of those responsible for creating the profitability."

Michael Taylor, Class of 2013
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

"An understanding of novel ownership structure has helped me understand Vanguard's value proposition. Vanguard is shareholder-owned, which means employees work specifically in clients' interest. The overall incentive alignment inherent in creative ownership structures is at play at Vanguard and I have a better handle on that thanks to my experience at the Beyster Institute."

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