Employee Ownership Management Fall Seminar 2012

By Hilde Stephan

Are you new to employee ownership or are you an established employee-owned company looking to further enhance the growth of your organization? The Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management will offer business professionals a course in managing an employee-owned company from October 8-10, 2012.

Love Your Work

This three-day intensive program is specifically designed for upper-level management within small- to mid-sized companies. Specific tools will be presented through topics that aim to expand understanding and identify opportunities in resolving challenges that exist within companies. Key subject matters vital to a successfully run organization will be explored, including areas in corporate governance, fiduciary responsibilities, regulatory compliance, and methods of factoring employee-shareholder liquidity needs towards long-term cash planning.

After the completion of this intensive and effective learning program, participants will be able to establish a strong foundation for a mission-focused, companywide team culture, areas that are conducive to a well-run establishment.  New marketing directions will be explored, as well as recruiting and retaining solid entrepreneurial people who respond to the idea of building wealth through ownership. Learning to access unique tax advantages to increase after-tax income and cash reserves also will be introduced. Each lecture session will be supplemented by interactive group discussions.  Participants will be able to actively collaborate with like-minded peers and share practical approaches and progressive ideas with one another, where newly acquired knowledge and practical lessons are applied.

The study and application of these invaluable lessons from educators in the field of employee ownership will aid in increasing the rate of innovation and lead to the positive change each participant's respective companies seek. Below are comments from some of last year's attendees who benefited from the program:

"Excellent experience!" I've met and connected with really sincere, warm, intelligent people here - both staff and participants. Tony, Martin, and John were great facilitators. There was a good mix of legal detail, culture issues, management issues, lecture, and small group participation. I'm going back with excellent resources and information."

"The program was inspiring and an invaluable investment of my time. I walked away with invaluable info and insight. All staff were impressive."

"This has been a very informative look at how an ESOP can help to improve the performance of the company - looking at how to implement leadership attributes and encourage people to participate in the decision process."

"I have attended several ESOP conferences over the last four years and thought I had a pretty good understanding of the leadership challenges. This program provided a more in-depth view of the challenges and offered solutions. I thought this was an excellent use of two and a half days and will encourage others in our company to attend."

To learn more about this program and to register please visit www.rady.ucsd.edu/beyster/events or contact Hilde Stephan at the Beyster Institute, Rady School of Management, UCSD - 858-822-6002 or hestephan@ucsd.edu.