Passion for Your Work

By David Levy

Love Your Work

Kahlil Gibran said: "Work is love made visible." Do you feel that way? If not, I may have some ideas for you.

We all want to do something that we enjoy and add value to others at the same time.

Stanford Payne, an executive business coach, points out that research shows that only roughly five percent of people work their passions. It further shows that only about 20 percent of people are happy with what they do or where they do it.

I once heard that the way to decide what you want to do is find your passion and then pursue it. Society has conditioned us to separate work from passion and to accept higher salaries instead of being more content.

Employee ownership has a unique role in this regard. Employee-owned companies are more likely to provide a participative environment where employee growth and involvement are encouraged. They span the spectrum of size and industry. So, it may be a good idea to add an additional factor to the qualifications of companies which are the subject of one's job search - is this a participative environment?

That's not the only solution though?

You Make the Decision

If you are one of the five percent who works their passion, make a decision to serve as a mentor to your friends, family or colleagues. Share some of your experiences and successes in achieving your dreams and career goals.

If you are one of the unsatisfied 95 percent, do you stay where you are or do you take charge of your career and look to make yourself happier?

We've all heard the story about the person who pursues their passion and talent and starts a business. They love designing jewelry and have been doing it at their kitchen table for years. Their friends convince them that their products are so good that they must start a business. They find a location and open for business.

After three months, they realize that they are doing everything but following their passion ? they're worrying about sales, cash flow, suppliers and staff. What happened to designing the jewelry?

Setting Goals

Once again you need to make some decisions. You need to answer some questions such as:

? If I won the lottery tonight, how would I spend my days?
? What would I like to do and be okay not getting paid?
? What are my real likes?
? And dislikes?

You should now work to connect your passion and your goals.

Strategy for Success

Decide what needs to happen to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

For example, in the case of our jewelry designer some additional steps that they may need to consider before they open a store are:

? Market research
? Timeline
? Finances
? Location
? Work/life balance
? Mental readiness

Whether it's opening your dream business or finding the position of your dreams, designing your personal strategy increases your likelihood of success.

Follow Through

Too many great strategies lie unfulfilled. You must be committed to completing your daily, weekly and monthly actions. Bring a close friend on board to help keep you focused and on goal. Check off each step as you achieve it.


When you reach the point of having achieved your goals, you'll be able to count yourself in the lucky five percent. You may have found that dream position where your coworkers are your fellow owners. Or, who knows, your success may be accentuated when your new business embraces its employees and includes them in ownership.

Enjoy the journey. Your success will be amazing.

About the Author

David Levy

David Levy is the principal of Consult Levy. He works with companies of all sizes to improve their profitability. His specialties include executive coaching, operational streamlining, project management (including IT) and executive financial review. He has more than 20 years of experience advising companies. He helped one of those companies become 100 percent employee owned. David can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 858-453-3778. You can also learn more about his services or read past articles by visiting his Web site at
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