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  • Rady Alumni Establish Their Lab to Market to Bring Mobile Auto Maintenance to Working Professionals in San Diego

    January 29, 2015
    by Aleena Karamally

    Executive Oil Services (EOS) is a unique, mobile auto maintenance service for working professionals in San Diego. The company, which was cofounded by Loren Chang and Andrew Zorko, two Full Time MBA Alumni who graduated from Rady in 2014, provides oil changes and other services to employees at individual companies and business parks, as well as tenants at apartment complexes. Customers use an online system to schedule their service. The EOS van then visits the customers’ locations on a set date approximately twice a month, efficiently completes the requested service, and returns the customers’ keys to them directly. Zorko and Chang are a prime example of the long-term benefits of the skills and connections that come with a Rady MBA.

    The Creation of EOS

    “We came up with the idea in the first Lab to Market session. We had a lot of ideas, but this one just made the most sense,” said Chang.

    Chang and Zorko founded the company in their second year of Lab to Market with the support of peers, professors, and alumni.

    Chang, who came to Rady with a background in Chemistry, did not originally intend to head into the entrepreneur track. He chose Rady because he knew the flexibility and diversity would allow him to explore his options and find a career path that worked for him.

    “I really liked the fact that [Rady was] a newer school because it allowed me to pick whatever track I wanted, and go that way,” said Chang. “Also, the class sizes are perfect; big enough to have diversity but small enough so that you know everybody.”

    Lab to Market

    Chang attributes much of the success of EOS to Rady’s intensive Lab to Market course sequence.

    “Lab to market immerses you in a part of entrepreneurship that you would never experience otherwise. You have all the resources at your disposal and you begin from the ground up. [The professors] guide you through the entire process, from coming up with a plan, to doing research and talking to customers,” said Chang. “I’m pretty sure without Lab to Market, I would be working a regular 9-5 at some other company.”

    Chang says the expertise and experience of Rady’s faculty, and their willingness to help students and use their connections was a huge benefit.

    “There’s a real community feel, and as long as you’re cordial and you’re willing to talk to people, everyone is willing to lend a hand if they can.”

    The Future of EOS

    In the next few years, Chang and Zorko hope to expand EOS throughout San Diego County and the surrounding areas, including Irvine and other parts of Orange County. Long-term, Chang sees EOS expanding to New York and other city hubs.

    The factor that truly sets EOS apart, however, is their commitment to customer service and integrity.

    “Obviously the purpose of a business is to make money, but we can’t stand the idea of making money through hidden fees and by taking advantage of our customers. It’s not easy to make a profit in the automobile world without all of that, especially with all the competition, but we are going to stay true to our mission and our commitment. When it comes down to it, my customers have the solution to the problems we want to fix. We simply learned to listen.”

    Advice to Others

    Chang encourages students to fully take advantage of the opportunities available during the Lab to Market course sequence by choosing an idea that they are truly passionate about.

    “Just run with it. Just go for it; it doesn’t matter what the idea is,” said Chang.

    Chang also encourages students to take full advantage of the resources available to them.

    ”The mentality for a startup is that we’re all on our own against the big world, but we’re here and willing to help.”

    Aleena Karamally is a student writer for the Rady School and a freshman at UC San Diego. Aleena is a Human Development major and a member of the UC San Diego Equestrian Team.

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