May 2, 2013
by Kristine Page

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out the Rady B-School Blog. We’ll be posting content twice a week (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Thursdays) that covers all aspects of business and the business school experience—from studying for your GMAT, to getting in and getting through, we’ll be your go-to resource as you explore the MBA experience. In addition, the blog will feature a wide variety of voices to give you an authentic view of Rady and the larger business school experience, with contributors ranging from professors to staff and current students to alumni.

While it may “take a village to raise a child” it also takes a community to make a blog run successfully. You are our community and we want you to be involved in all aspects of this new endeavor—we see it as an experiment of sorts, fueled by your engagement, ideas and expertise. Interested in contributing or have news to share? Email us at radypr@ucsd.edu, subject line: B-School Blog. Have a request or story idea? Send that along as well or post in the comments—we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for being our village, our community—we’re excited to build this blog with you as a forum for all things b-school. Until next time,

Kristine Page

Kristine Page is a social media strategist at the Rady School of Management. When she’s not tweeting, sharing photos on Instagram or writing Rady stories, you can find her sipping iced coffee and  expounding on the merits of the latest Facebook changes to anyone who will listen.