Springtime at Rady

May 14, 2013
by Kristine Page

It’s officially springtime at the Rady School and we have all of the celebrated springtime tropes right here in our backyard to prove it. From chirping birds and abundant sunshine to bunnies frolicking on grassy rolling hills and butterflies fluttering around flowers, we’ve really got it all. So how do you manage to stay focused and get things done (like studying for those upcoming finals) when it’s this gorgeous outside? The answer is simple if you ask me: Work outside as much as possible when the task allows.

Project meeting? Outdoors. Writing a blog entry? Patio seating please. Studying? Yes, that can be done in the sun as well. It’s really just a matter of knowing yourself and understanding the environment in which you do your best work, which for me at least is highly dependent on the task at hand. While I absolutely rely on a quiet, climate-controlled desk for some more analytical projects, my sense of focus and enjoyment in my work is frequently heightened by being in a new environment, especially if that means a sunny escape from fluorescent lighting. Sometimes it as easy as just stepping outside the office for a brisk walk or a quick jaunt over to Peet’s for a cup of coffee to reenergize you for the task at hand.

Of course, it goes without saying that if it takes you double the amount of time to work outside, you’re probably better suited to powering through than enjoying your time in whatever venue most pleases you. Where do you do your best work? Indoors or out? A quiet space or a coffee shop?

Kristine Page is a social media strategist at the Rady School of Management. When she’s not tweeting, sharing photos on Instagram or writing Rady stories, you can find her sipping iced coffee and  expounding on the merits of the latest Facebook changes to anyone who will listen.