The Distinguished Leadership Award

June 11, 2013
by Dean Robert Sullivan

Recently, the UC San Diego Alumni Association sponsored its 2013 gala dinner celebration to recognize UCSD outstanding alumni. I had the honor of presenting the Distinguished Leadership Award to Leo Spiegel, a 1983 graduate in economics. I noted that in 2003, even before the official birth of the Rady School, that Leo engaged with us and was thrilled about the possibilities; an innovations-centered business school that would impact communities and that was committed to being among the very best. Leo Spiegel imagined the possibilities –and jumped in with both feet – as others were more cautious.

So now, ten years after our Rady School venture was launched, we have much to be amazed by and proud of. Leo’s imagination ten years ago in many ways is today’s reality. Consider the unique, entrepreneurial focus of our curriculum, our outstanding (in fact world-class) faculty, and our amazing students. Our facilities, of course, speak for themselves.  So despite the tough times, we have come a long way. Yet I am among the first to admit that we have not arrived – rather, we are continuously evolving. Creativity and agility are a constant mandate in responding to rapidly changing demands from our community and the markets.

Our community has a right to be proud of what has been accomplished. We will be motivated and inspired about tomorrow – where we could be and where we must be. Like Leo Spiegel ten years ago, we should imagine the next phase of our great business school – and believe that we will be the exemplar of innovation.