Alumni Spotlight: Brett Blazys

June 20, 2017

Brett Blazys (MBA ’14) is the founder, motivator and visionary behind He started his consulting career as a peer-to-peer consultant and his outstanding, global success within the biotech area launched him into corporate consulting. 

What impact has Rady had on your career progression?

My time at the Rady School of Management gave me the startup bug. Without this experience and having amazing Professors such as Uri Gneezy or Terry August, I would not be successful with my company today. After witnessing the exact issues that had been discussed in different classes, I decided to create my own business that allows me to dictate how processes should be managed, rather than listen to how inefficient processes should manage me.

Has your Rady MBA enabled you to change industries or functional areas or even achieve a promotion?

I began Rady as a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 biotech company in Sorrento Valley. I was able to move upward on the corporate ladder but felt unfulfilled in my work and was not able to gain the financial success desired. After another new position where promises where not fulfilled by upper management, I decided to take the plunge and create my own company. With that, the progression has been a roller coaster ride – all of my Professors were not lying when they said it would be. 

How did your view of entrepreneurship/innovation change throughout your time at the Rady School.

Going to Rady gave me the startup bug, and I am happy to say that I will never work for corporate America again. I am now addicted to beginning new companies and having the capability to mold structures for the betterment of society and specific markets. I am not content with the current government and legal systems that have led to unfortunate circumstances; and with companies endorsed by I aim to only bring companies that better society as it changes faster than laws may allow.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

For current and prospective students, I say never give up and keep on your path of passion. No matter what it is that you like doing, you can do anything you want in the world; as long as you are unique and one of the best at it. Create your own businesses and ideas if you think they are not available and you will surprise yourself!

What is the most memorable moment from your Rady School experience?

I played golf with Ernest Rady at the Rady Golf Classic in 2014, and to meet the founder of your MBA Business program was an amazing experience. The founders of our business school are happy to engage and network with students – and for this to happen at an incredible school with amazing programs is rare – I feel lucky.

How have you applied your studies to your career?

I have used every class in some form or another in the progression of my career since graduating from Rady. The amount of invaluable knowledge that I have attained helps in every meeting that I have had with different VPs and CEOs in San Diego. From Portfolio Theory with Harry Markowitz to Project Management with Vish Krishnan, I think of these areas every day and wish they were personally available to sit beside me in my important meetings.

Tell us a fun fact about you, or something people may not know about you.

Fun Fact: I was on Family Double Dare with Mark Summers when I was 11 years old. My next-door neighbor was an only child, whom I was close friends with, and two children were necessary for the show. It was an amazing experience getting ‘slimed’ and winning a Huffy Bike.




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