Top 10 Mobile Apps for Businesses

November 26. 2013
by Pablo Valdivia

In a mobile era where productivity doesn’t cease when leaving the office, our lives demand organization and efficiency in order to keep up with the day-to-day rush. From handling business emails to playing games, smartphones have become the greatest entrepreneurial sidekick in the many arenas of life. These are just some of many apps that can help both businesses employees and entrepreneurs alike keep track of their schedules, documents, and lives in general for a far more prolific work week.

  1. Evernote: Be it a quick tidbit of inspiration, a to-do list, or must-have photo, Evernote allows you to input notes and documents in various formats (text, photo, and voice). Once created, these notes are automatically accessible on both your mobile device and computer for quick and convenient access wherever you may be.
  2. Dropbox: This allows you to save, access, and share all your photos, documents, and videos into one space that is accessible on the go. This app can help if you’d like to safely back-up important documents, take your work anywhere you are, or share documents within your network.
  3. Basecamp: As a web-based project management and collaboration tool, Basecamp provides structure within your business. It allows for both internal and external users to create and collectively manage projects with seamless whiteboard and messaging capabilities in the comfortable dashboard styling of a social network.
  4. Mint: A personal finance app that allows you to track, budget, and manage your money in one convenient place. It securely pulls information from your checking, savings, credit cards, investments, and retirement in order to categorize spending and create customized budgets based on it.
  5. Pocket: A short-term bookmarking app that allows users to create a queue of various online articles and videos for later offline viewing within the app. Pocket makes it easy to keep track of and store must-read articles in an ideal viewing format that allows the busy entrepreneur to read what they’d like when time allows.
  6. Genius Scan: A simple yet convenient scanning app that utilizes your phone’s camera in order to capture physical documents and allows for strategic cropping, thus creating and storing optimized versions of your important documents in a convenient digital format. This can be an ideal way to keep digital copies of business cards and receipts in one place.
  7. Any.DO: To-do and task lists will always be in-style in the world of productivity. Any.DO’s simple user interface allows users to type out lists (while predicting your activities) with location and date/time based integration so you can organize your day quickly and easily.
  8. Nozbe: Inspired by the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology, this project management and task based web and mobile app gives its users an organized focus to get more done. Its integration with both Dropbox and Evernote makes it a powerful holistic productivity tool.
  9. TripIt: For the business jetsetter who’s always on the move, this travel organizer pulls flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental information to create ordered itineraries that can be accessed on any device. As a bonus, you can also get directions and weather information for each of your destinations.
  10. SignNow: Whether you need to sign a document or have someone sign one, this app makes it easy to do so with just the glide of your finger. Just upload the PDF, Word, or Rich Text document, sign it, and then it’s good to go via email or print.

Written by marketing and communications intern Pablo Valdivia