MBA Career Connection's Top Sites for a Successful Career Strategy

July 30, 2013
by Career Connections

  1. Your School’s Online Job Board – It is the starting point for positions posted by your School’s corporate partners.  A connection and relationship has been created with companies. They’re posting on your school’s site.  That’s the first point for seeking an internship or career position.
  2. Online Resume Books Database –We offer Rady MBA professionals and corporate partner’s two ways to connect with each other through key word searches of two different resume data bases.  All students should have a site in which they can post their resumes to be viewed by their school’s corporate partners on a secured system that helps market their profiles to companies who are hiring.
  3. LinkedIn – Need we say more? If you don’t have a solid profile and aren’t using this site regularly, you need to get up to speed quickly!  More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn as a primary means for connecting with candidates.  You MUST be on LinkedIn! 
  4. or – Truly an amazing sites!  --  search engines for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards.  They crawl the Web and allows you to see almost every job and internship opportunity posted in cyberspace. 
  5. Company Web Sites – Short-list your top 25 companies of choice and check their sites regularly.  You should have a profile set up on all companies of interest.  Period.  This allows you to now be in a database of that company for future talent needs.  While you may feel that you’re dropping your resume in a black hole, the reality is that companies need a streamlined process for sourcing talent.  And your way of connecting with these companies is be to readily available to them!
  6. Professional Association’s Sites – Do you belong to a professional association or two? You should be networking and involved in groups of like-minded professionals. Getting to know the trends in your field of choice as well as key leaders in those areas is essential to building a life-time career development strategy.
  7. Alumni Association – Join your undergraduate and graduate school alumni association. Get involved with the regional groups. Give back, network, and stay connected. You’ll reap benefits by hearing of opportunities and trends that are invaluable as you build a career and network for life.
  8. Local Newspapers – Particularly the business paper.  Read the articles to learn about companies and current trends.  If you think you’d like to work for them, this information can become critical as you set up informational interviews. 
  9. Self Assessment Sites – Our students take Myers-Briggs during their leadership class during the first quarter.  The Career Connections Team requests that all students take CareerLeader, the number one career self-assessment for MBA professionals.  Interests, abilities, and priorities are assessed to provide feedback and lucidity about yourself as you consider which career fits your background, career goals and values best.  Companies and employers appreciate self-aware job seekers!  
  10. Know the Salary Market – The golden rule of salary measure is to use three sources to determine potential ranges. and are the most popular but you should also work with your Careers team to gain additional salary information about your industry and function of choice. 
Equipped with solid information about self and the market, you’re now ready to successfully attack the job market!  On your mark, get set, go!