Career Connections

April 10, 2014
by Amy Nastase

Ding. Ding. Ding. The sound of a bell rang through the room at Rady’s 6th annual Innovation and Inspiration event signaling the end of a round of conversation between company executives and Rady MBA students in Rady’s version of speed dating. The silence didn’t last long, as the companies moved to a new table of students and quickly started another round of dialogue.

In just two hours, students had the unique opportunity to talk with six different companies on topics such as social media, staying innovative, the San Diego business environment, and achieving and maintaining growth. Walking around the tables, you could hear questions such as: How has your company responded to a negative experience on social media?  What drives innovation for your company? What is the hardest and easiest thing about doing business in San Diego? What has been the most difficult obstacle to achieving growth for your company?

The companies attending – Auto Claims Direct, B & M Noble Co., Gap Intelligence, Intellisparx, TGG Accounting, and Torrey Hills Technologies – were uniquely qualified to share their experience with students as they have all been recently recognized for their growth and success. The lessons learned from these executives are invaluable for Rady’s MBAs to use in the classroom and to take with them to their summer internships and post-graduation jobs.

Rady Career Connections organized the Innovation and Inspiration event. In its 6th year, the event has introduced numerous local companies to students and upheld Rady’s tradition of producing students with an entrepreneurial mindset, eager to use their skills and make an impact on the companies they join.