Growing Up Rady

June 3, 2014
by Lisette Acevedo

As I get ready to graduate, I am proud of what I have accomplished during my MBA program. The Rady community (fellow classmates, faculty, staff, and alumni) have challenged and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on new ventures.  Now, I would to take a moment and especially thank my classmates and Rady for making my daughter Isabelle feel like a welcomed member of the community. This has truly made my time here special.

When I started my MBA at Rady, Isabelle was 15 months old. I was not sure if I could manage the workload, work full-time and ensure Isabelle didn’t feel neglected. This is where my classmates stepped in to help. If my husband couldn’t watch Isabelle, they were willing to come over to my house to work on projects.  She was always made to feel like part of the team when she would spend time at the Rady Student lounge. When she looked forward to staying at the hotel with me during our Negotiations course and spending time with my classmates, I realized that she had become an unofficial member of our cohort. For all of this, I am very grateful.

I am also grateful for the Rady community at large. Isabelle liked coming to the Rady student lounge because there is a special room that is decorated like a kids’ library.  She loved going to the part of the lounge where she had a view of the ocean and the paragliders taking off from the Torrey Pines Gliderport. I think her favorite reason for hanging out on the Rady campus was the catering staff. They would always have snacks or treats for her. On Saturdays when she would wait with me until my husband could pick her up, Maria would even prepare for Isabelle a special breakfast plate.  Isabelle also enjoyed participating in Rady events. One in particular that she really enjoyed was getting a tour of Pierre Slieman’s (Rady FW13) Go Green Agriculture farm. For the next few days, she showed everyone that came to our house the butter lettuce Pierre let her pack.

In summary, thank you for making the past 2 ½ years at Rady special not just for me but also for my family.

Lisette Acevedo is a Flex Evening ’14 MBA student at Rady School of Management.