The Honor Foundation Partners with the Rady School of Management to Provide Executive Education to our Nation's Elite Military Forces

September 17. 2013
by Paul Otal

The Honor Foundation is proud to announce our official partnership with the Rady School of Management’s Executive Education department. The Honor Foundation is powered entirely by Navy veterans, one being Alex Martini, a current Rady MBA student. THF is a non-profit organization that was established to provide executive education, leadership development, and transition services to our nation’s elite members of the military and their families.

On the cutting edge of education, the Honor Foundation has created a Transition Institute for Elite Military which pioneers new models of learning and professional enrichment tailored entirely around Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel. The Transition Institute diffuses knowledge from leading academic institutions, top entrepreneurs, industry experts, and Fortune 500 veteran hiring managers from all over the country delivering their message to our participants live from The Rady School.

We chose The Rady School of Management Executive Education as a result of their incredible entrepreneurial spirit and energy, their goal is to develop the next generation of leaders, and we share that goal. As a strategic partner, Rady will be providing up to 20 tailored programs for this unique group of veterans, such as: effective communication, power & leadership, negotiations, conflict resolution strategies, networking & building relationships, and several others.

Our Transition Institute pilot program launches October 1st with over 30 special operations veterans coming from the Navy, Marine, & Army communities totaling over 500 + years of US Special Operations experience. We encourage members of the San Diego business community to partake in these executive development courses; this will help create a rich cross-functional learning environment for all participants.

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