Lumena Pharmaceuticals: A Rady Success Story

July 17, 2014
by Niall O’Donnell

Lumena Pharmaceuticals is a poster child for great drug development and a testament to the growing legacy provided by Rady.

Lumena was founded in 2011, and with a team dedicated to treating rare and terrible pediatric liver diseases. The team was built around Rady alumni: Ciara Kennedy (Rady 2006) the beating heart of the company; Turner Jenkins (Rady 2008) who drove the early formation; and myself (Rady 2006) who drove the selection of the disease and early implementation of the clinical plan.

Over the course of the three years of Lumena's existence we flawless navigated the regulatory bodies, recruited the top clinical trial sites in these liver disease, ran an aggressive clinical program. The early validation of this approach was the acquisition by Shire plc., in 2014. We all hope the ultimate validation will be innovative, life-changing drugs that help the children and their parents.

Drug development is a tough business, with failure always a very really possible. Having a team that can execute rigorously, head-off problems early, and have a laugh or two along the way, is a must. The Lumena team, enriched with Rady graduates in key operating roles, ticked all the boxes.

Onward to the next Rady-driven success.