Our Alums at the Center of Our Brand

October 31. 2013
by Joleen Schultz

Since arriving at the Rady School at the beginning of this year, I have been impressed and inspired by the energy, passion and innovation of students and alums to make an indelible difference in our school, community and beyond. We wanted to capture that innovative spirit and highlight the incredible contributions of Rady alumni in a year-long branding campaign.

In September, the Rady School launched the new campaign titled: “NEVER STOP.” The campaign is a celebration of the successes of our alums and the impact they have in the community. It has two prongs. “Never Stop Starting Up” for our entrepreneurs and “Never Stop Advancing” for our intrepreneurs.

We launched with radio spots on KPBS that feature the Rady School and local alums.  We are also running “Never Stop” digital ads on the KPBS website and pushing 15 second ads to mobile phones.  All of these platforms direct the audience to a special “Never Stop” landing page where we feature two to three minute video interviews of alums.

We are also rolling the campaign out in print advertising, including San Diego Physician Magazine, Triton Magazine and Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines ‘onboard publication).

We didn’t stop there! As you traverse San Diego, you will see billboards, posters and transit shelters featuring the Rady brand and our celebrity alumni.  Our campaign will be visible all the way from downtown, Point Loma and Mission Valley to Vista. 

And if you haven’t been on our social media channels lately, be sure to check them out. They are informative and fun and we have great engagement.

Lastly… we just launched a redesign of the Rady website.  It is clean, spirited, and easy to navigate with great new video content.

Joleen Schultz is a marketing communications expert specializing in the science and technology industries.