Expanding the Rady Network

May 5, 2017

The Rady School of Management is continuing to expand with the addition of exceptional new students each year. To continue the tradition of excellence, the Rady School has revamped the Rady Referral Program to make it easier for current students and alumni to grow our network with outstanding candidates from their network.

The streamlined referral process is designed so that referred friends, family and coworkers receive concierge style service. The referral program is open to all current students and alumni of the Rady School.  

Both the referrer and individual being referred benefit from the process. Referred potential students receive an application fee waiver. Referrers are provided easy to use tools and will be kept in the communication loop.

The process is simple – visit the Rady Referral Program website and submit the candidate’s name. After submission, the candidate will receive direct contact from the Director of Admissions. Once the candidate has gone through the process, the referrer will be notified of the outcome.

“This is a very important program for the Rady School because some of our best students are referrals,” from Jay Bryant, director of Admissions for the Rady School of Management. “The process is simple and a great way to continue to build an outstanding student body that will one day be a part of the Rady alumni network.”

Interested in participating in the referral program? Learn more about the initiative and refer a student.

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