Study Abroad Opportunities for Rady School Students

January 24, 2017
by Aleena Karamally

Study Abroad programs are an exciting real-world experience that allow students to learn about foreign business hands-on. The Rady School offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students with different destinations, classes and experiences.


Rady School undergraduate study abroad programs are organized through UC San Diego’s Study Abroad Office. Students may apply classes taken abroad to their Rady School minor after obtaining approval from Undergraduate Academic Advisors. As such, undergraduate students have considerable freedom in choosing their classes, length of stay, and destination.


International Studies-Business major Kimberly Phan chose to study abroad at the University of Hong Kong during her junior year. Phan took four classes in business, and enjoyed experiencing a university and culture different from what she was familiar with. She also enjoyed traveling to different countries and exploring the city of Hong Kong between classes.

“Studying abroad can help challenge your comfort zone and help you put yourself out there, which is a necessary skill, which we commonly know as ‘networking,’” Phan said. “My biggest advice for anyone studying abroad is to be open-minded to everything that awaits you abroad and roll with the punches.”

Rady School Business Minor James Truong took a course in Foreign Business Investments in Chinese Financial Markets located in Shanghai, China. Truong enjoyed working with local students, which allowed him to improve his language skills and better understand the culture.

“[Study abroad] empowered me by challenging my ability to adapt to foreign and international environments; work with students from different cultural, academic, and linguistic backgrounds; and thrive in varied intellectual spheres,” said Truong. “Many beliefs you profoundly hold to be foundational to your identity may be challenged abroad. When that happens, don't entirely resist before being open to it first. You might get something better out of it.”


Rady School graduate students have unique opportunities to participate in immersion trips, student-organized trips, and foreign exchange programs. These trips allow students to gain a much deeper knowledge of the topics which they study in the classroom, as well as network with foreign businesses and executives.

Israel and China immersion trips

Some of the Rady School’s most popular study abroad experiences are the immersion trips to Israel with Professor Uri Gneezy and China with Professor Jun Liu. The US-Israel Center of Innovation and Economic Sustainability (USIC) funds all expenses for the Israel immersion program, which includes four class meetings on the Rady School campus during the fall quarter and a ten-day trip to Israel. Students meet business executives and public figures in Israel, and then spend a portion of their trip on cultural exposure, including hikes, historical visits, and authentic cuisine.

Professor Jun Chen’s China trip follows a similar format, with students meeting during Spring Quarter and traveling during Winter Break. The China program is more finance-oriented, and students learn from executives, tour companies, and network with business leaders to enhance their knowledge of the expanding entrepreneurial market in China.

Student-organized trips and foreign exchange programs

Graduate students at the Rady School also have the opportunity to organize international trips individually or through one of Rady’s many student clubs or organizations. In the past, the International Business Club and Asian Business Club have organized trips to China, Brazil, and India. Often, these students are introduced to executives through Rady School faculty and staff. These trips provide an opportunity for students to explore new countries and learn about different business formats in a more relaxed environment than immersion trips.

Foreign exchange programs are organized on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to speak with an advisor six to nine months prior to when they hope to travel to explore current available opportunities.

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