Summer in San Diego

July 3, 2014
by Elia Hu

To live in a beautiful coastal California city for your MBA study could be a tricky thing. One of my friends who is living in NYC and is also studying for her MBA degree complained to me that San Diego is so fun that she found it had to concentrate on her study. Well, she was on her vacation when she visited me, but…

For international students, California is always a big attraction for its weather, beach views, outdoor activities, people, and fun. And because of that, there are several things on my to-do list for this year.

  1. Surfing. Even though I’ve tried surfing several times with the help of my classmates, I still dare not to go surfing on my own. There is a surfing class at the UCSD Recreation Center that provides a systematic study experience, which everybody praises. In the upcoming spring quarter, when the weather gets warmer, the course will be open and it will be time to enjoy this seaside watersport.
  2. Golfing. The California sunshine and beach views make San Diego a perfect location for golfing. It used to be an outdoor activity especially for business people in China, so it could be describe as a ‘must learn’ skill for MBA students. The UCSD Recreation Center also provides a golfing course.
  3. Road trip. California's Pacific Coast Highway, also called California Route 1, is a classic route for road trip drivers who wanted to enjoy the best view of the California coastline. You can even see in pictures, there are some spots that look like heaven.

But, of course, the premise of this all is that once I finish my Rady MBA, I am looking forward to settling down in a job in San Diego and really living and enjoying this city.

Elia Hu is a student at UCSD's Rady School of Management in the FT14 cohort. She comes from China and was in the media industry there.