VirBELA Begins Global Students Recruitment for Next Generation Business Simulation

September 4. 2013
by Kristine Page

The Rady School is excited to announce the start of student recruitment for a Global Business Simulation Competition to be hosted using the new innovative learning platform, VirBELA. VirBELA is a 3-D immersive virtual world created specifically to increase international collaboration among business students and to provide them with opportunities to work on multi-national teams. In October 2013, Rady will launch VirBELA by hosting a Global Business Simulation Competition open to business students across the globe. With the chance to work with students from the world's top business schools, pioneer a new educational platform, as well as the chance to receive personal coaching from a team of experts and $50,000 in award money at stake, this is a competition you don't want to miss out on! You can learn more about VirBELA and register here.