VirBELA: Lessons Learned

November 13. 2013
by Maria Babizki

This past Thursday was the first in four weeks that I actually got to wake up on my normal schedule. All the Thursdays, and some Wednesdays and some Tuesdays, in October were occupied with an early rise to hop into the virtual world of VirBELA. Since the competition is international, there really is no perfect time for everyone. For me it meant early mornings, for competitors in Singapore it meant very late nights, and participants from Europe had to rush home from school or work to collaborate together in this simulation competition.

Now that my mind is clearer and the adrenaline rush of the competition itself has died down I can truly reflect on the overall experience. Although my team was not a grand prize winner, I feel like I have learned many lessons about international teamwork as well as the human response in a virtual environment. My team worked very well together. From the very start of the competition we communicated with each other clearly and openly. That strategy helped us deal with some critical decisions that had to be made in less than 20 minutes. Even in stressful simulation outcomes we remained cool and respectful. Every team had their own method to handle the madness and it was very interesting to talk to other classmates that were in this competition about how their team functions.

The competition may be over, but the VirBELA experience is not. Part of the application process was the completion of several assessment tests. Besides the benefit of participating in a cool new competition, each participant will also get some feedback on those tests and some feedback from the team facilitator. I think that this feedback will be very valuable and look forward to hearing what it says about me. I have learned about others through this experience, but also about myself.

VirBELA will have many more things coming out as time goes by and I highly recommend keeping up with their updates.

Maria Babizki was a participant in VirBELA's first Global Business Simulation Competition.