Connect with MBAs and Master of Finance Students

Partnering with student organizations or participating in a company presentation or career panel are ways to strengthen your company's presence on campus and connect with Rady graduate students in an informal setting. These events are not specifically recruiting functions, but can be helpful to identify top candidates early in the hiring process.

Partnering with Rady Student Organizations

Rady students are involved in a wide range of organizations and associations that promote learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Student-driven organizations are a vital part of the graduate program experience. The Rady Student Association works to promote a collaborative, supportive and fun environment. Programs created by students provide educational opportunities in the community at large.

These clubs help students broaden their networking and business perspectives by inviting successful professionals to discuss emerging industries. Clubs also organize trips to companies in California and the U.S., as well as to countries with rapidly expanding economies.

Student organizations sponsor and coordinate many activities throughout the year, including company visits, workshops and conferences, speaker series and industry-specific treks.

Student organizations include the following:

Asian Business Association

Promotes networking and communication between the Rady community and Asian business communities in California and around the world.

Consulting Club

Allows passionate students to participate in consulting panels, mixers, networking events and practice sessions to better prepare for a career in consulting.

EAT Club

A networking group focusing on the hospitality industry and the various pairings of food and drink.

Entrepreneur Club

Provides students with a stress-free, confidential atmosphere to develop, share and brainstorm business ideas.

Finance & Investments Club

Brings students together who have an interest in finance and investing in the pursuit of real-world applications of knowledge, industry exposure and networking opportunities.

Leading with Service Club

Offers business students opportunities to volunteer, explore career and personal interests, learn new skills, be good role models and citizens, work on behalf of the community, make new friends and have fun.

Life Science Club

Facilitates students' awareness, interest and exposure to short- and long-term opportunities in the life-science and health-care industries.

Marketing Club

Broaches and discusses marketing topics that address common interests of students, faculty, staff and alumni; and brings Rady students and marketing professionals together.

Net Impact Club

Inspires, educates, and equips individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Operations, Cost & Supply Chain Club

Provides the Rady School of Management with a center for supply-chain and cost-management excellence.

Rady Women MBA Association

Unites Rady women in a safe environment to share, learn, and join their talents in their roles as emerging business professionals.

Sports Business Club

Encourages students to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the sports industry by connecting with local sport companies and organizations.

Technology Club

Offers students with a passion for high-tech and low-tech enterprises, ideas for future employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the technology sector.

Veteran Association

Created to organize Veteran Alumni and current students to recruit, mentor and conduct community outreach on behalf of Veterans and Rady.

Wireless Health Club

Enhances and promotes awareness of the Wireless Health (WH) industry by providing a forum facilitating dialogue between WH companies, industry leaders and students.

If you're a professional interested in partnering with student organizations or participating in a company presentation or career panel, please contact Chris Kelly at For more information on these types of events, please go to our Recruit page.