Graduate Student Projects

The Rady School is committed to providing opportunities for action learning for our MBA, Master of Finance and MS Business Analytics students, and the school works actively with companies who have projects and are interested in our students.

MBA Student Projects

MBA students complete projects for academic credit under faculty supervision in several formats.

Lab to Market (L2M) Workshop I and II

This two-quarter course sequence focuses on "idea to marketplace" and engages student teams in evaluating the commercial potential of business opportunities. Project ideas must be significant market opportunities in the science and technology sectors including sustainability and social enterprise innovations that have a base in science or technology. Projects sponsored by companies and research institutes are of interest to students and the school.

Analytics Consulting Course

In this class MBA student teams, under faculty supervision, serve as consultants for organizations seeking assistance with analytics-focused business problems. Projects are proposed by companies or nonprofit organizations. Faculty approve specific projects for the course based on their relevance.

Independent Study

MBA students may engage in Independent Study under the direction of Rady faculty. Most Independent Study projects are proposed by companies or nonprofit organizations. Faculty agree to supervise student teams on specific projects based on their educational value for Rady MBAs.

Short projects in other classes

Some Rady electives include projects. Such courses often allow students to identify companies for their required projects. Learning objectives are specific to the particular course and instructor.

Master of Finance Student Projects

Master of Finance students complete a capstone Applied Finance Project. Projects address an empirical topic in finance but could also cover more technical areas including estimation, forecasting and testing of financial market models or quantitative models in a closely related subject such as data mining. Company-sponsored projects typically come from companies in the financial services sector and involve, in addition to publicly available market data, the use of company-provided data in order to develop a model or answer a question significant for the organization and its business. Projects should involve financial data from the equity, fixed income, options, hedge funds, structured products, or other financial markets. Projects are identified in spring quarter and completed under faculty supervision during the summer or fall quarter.

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) Student Projects

The MSBA program includes a Business Analytics Capstone project. In the Capstone, students undertake projects in teams under faculty supervision. Each team will work as external consultants on a project intended to solve a problem a client company is facing and to create value for the client. The MSBA program will launch in Fall 2016, and the first class will complete the Business Analytics Capstone in spring and summer 2017. Company-sponsored projects will be actively sought: Rady will begin accepting project proposals and holding discussions with interested company sponsors in late 2016.

Please note that Rady operates on the quarter system, and student projects undertaken for academic credit must begin and be completed within the ten-week academic quarter.

If your company has a specific need and would like the assistance of a Rady MBA or Master of Finance student team, please complete this form. Projects submitted will be posted and available for student and faculty review on our internal Project Opportunities website for a maximum of six months, or until accepted by a student group or removed upon your request. Interested students or faculty will contact you directly to begin work on the project.

If your organization has a project that does not fit within this framework or that could be accomplished by an individual student, you may wish to post it as an internship. Many Rady graduate students take on short-term, part-time internships during the academic program, as well as full-time during the summer between the two years of the Full-Time MBA program. Internships are typically paid. If you have an internship, Rady Graduate Career Connections provides a job-posting website and a student resume database accessible to employers.