The mission of Rady Graduate Career Connections is to assist MBA professionals in developing, evaluating and implementing career decisions. We are committed to guiding Rady MBAs in an efficient and timely manner.

To achieve our goals, Rady Graduate Career Connections actively guides and assists Rady professionals in the career-preparation process, working directly with students to identify their applicable experience and skill sets. We provide guidance during the application process for internships or full-time employment, and help prepare Rady MBAs for career success.

Rady Graduate Career Connections also fosters strong partnerships with the business community in San Diego and beyond, creating long-term relationships between the Rady School and corporate partners.

The top priority of Rady Graduate Career Connections is to help MBA professionals manage their careers in the most productive way possible. It is our belief that each individual is responsible for his/her own success. Therefore, it is our hope that every MBA student be given the tools to embrace career management and view it as a continual, lifelong process.