Rady School Class Participants


Your Rady course gives class credit for participating in two research study sessions at the Atkinson Behavioral Lab. This site is designed to make it easy for you to understand how to earn your participation credits.

First: read over Starting the Quarter with Sona to understand how to create a Sona account or update your old one. You will use Sona to find available studies, sign up for studies, receive credit for participating, and assign your earned participation credits to your courses.

Next: read the Participation Guidelines to understand how to actually participate in studies.

When you need assistance: For help with Sona, questions about the Behavioral Lab participation system, clarifications about course requirements, or any other matter send an email to RadyClassCredit@ucsd.edu.

Finally, you can also learn about studies that are available for your participation by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter! Information about the individual researchers conducting studies at the Atkinson Behavioral Lab is here.