Rady School of Management at UC San Diego
Center for Business Analytics

The Center for Business Analytics serves as a catalyst for research, education, and innovation in the use of analytics and "big data" for data-driven decision-making.

The Center works at the forefront of Business Analytics to enable businesses to move beyond the technical issues surrounding big data and focus instead on creating value and sustainable competitive advantage from the business insights that analytics initiatives can uncover. The Center draws on the expertise of Rady faculty in Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operations and works directly with corporate partners to identify, frame, and study critical business issues. 

Corporate Partners

The Center’s corporate partners represent a range of industry sectors and bring to the Center diverse business interests and problems. They share a fundamental belief in the growing and evolving importance of data and analytics that can form the foundation for innovation. The Center accepts a limited number of corporate partners, seeking organizations (i) representing a wide spectrum of industries; (ii) not in direct competition with other corporate partners, and (iii) committed to shared discovery and education.

Educational Initiatives

The Center also creates and coordinates comprehensive educational initiatives focused on business analytics and business intelligence. These initiatives are focused on building business analytics capabilities in organizations by providing programs, courses, and workshops for Rady’s business community and for students at Rady and UC San Diego. The Center’s educational programming serves to ensure that faculty research in this area shapes and informs the Rady School’s educational mission and goals.

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The Center works directly with corporate partners to share and house business data for faculty research. Research is intended both to develop broadly applicable knowledge on data-driven business decision-making and to provide value to corporate partners.

Consulting Projects

Each year, Center faculty supervise consulting projects staffed by Rady MBA and Master of Finance students. Corporate partners have priority in proposing projects. These projects are designed to answer specific business questions of critical concern to the sponsor organization and to enhance the educational experience of Rady students.

Executive Education

The Center develops and delivers several short courses for working professionals interested in business analytics and business intelligence.

Partners Symposium

The Center holds an annual symposium for corporate partners. The symposium includes presentations of faculty research and student consulting projects and provides a forum for substantive discussion on business analytics and business intelligence.