mystartupXX teams

Class of Spring 2017

Amniotic Wrap

Amniotic Wrap is a wearable device for mothers with postpartum depression to aid in bonding with their children and alleviate their challenges.


Brandpackers helps mid-sized companies establish an on-campus presence by training student ambassadors that can grow your brand and discover talent. 


HapiFlo is a data-driven audio-guided yoga app that provides personalized breath and alignment instructions during yoga sequences to empower busy people to take control of their stress and to better their health.


A mobile platform for helping businesses discover and employee women looking for short term remote work.


SafetyNow will provide a quick background check on violent crimes.

Sage Well

Sage Well offers Asian health conscious teas, snacks, and products translated for the US consumer market tastes, quality, and regulations.


We are building an online platform to facilitate cost-free exchange between US Dollar and China Yuan.