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Members of Pathways are dedicated undergraduate students who spend 5+ hours a week contributing to the design and development of the PV accelerator program through marketing, external affairs, internal affairs, administration, event planning, etc. Principal members are appointed via the discretion of the PV President.

President: Hannes Holste


Organizational Structure

Pathways Ventures Org Chart

  • The President is elected by the executive council in the spring. Once the new President is elected, the President appoints Executive Council members, consisting of 5 members from the active general body.
  • Recommendations for the president is made by the Executive Council.
  • The Executive Council reports directly to the President. The President reports directly to Lada Rasochova, the director of the Center for Innovation and Enterprise Development.
  • The Advisory Committee consists of Rady Alumni.
  • Third Party Organizations are locals entrepreneurs that serve as mentors. Sponsors are also included in this section.
  • Our mentor panel consists of Rady School professors, successful entrepreneurs and professors from other disciplines who are passionate about innovation and enterprise. We also include MBA students on our advisory panel.