StartR Teams - Inaugural Class of Fall 2013


Andro360 is a wearable wireless medical device to assess and diagnose erectile (dys)function in males. The device allows for a stress-free, homebased and private evaluation of the condition and the cloud-based algorithm enables to determine and track the severity of the problem.

Lab Fellows

Lab Fellows is an online peer-to-peer marketplace disrupting the way assets are utilized in life science research and development. Lab Fellows connects scientific researchers and allows them to lease idling instrumentation and lab space from fellow scientists that is otherwise cost-prohibitive to purchase and too difficult to find.


OvaPal is reinventing the way women track their fertility for faster, natural, and stress free pregnancy achievement. This is accomplished with a first of its kind, fully integrated, Bluetooth enabled, wearable basal thermometer and fertility tracking mobile application.


Skylit is an in-home medical device and wireless health system that treats skin conditions caused by the immune system - conditions like psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. Skylit is the first globally affordable phototherapy device, creating a real, accessible solution for 500 million patients and their physician.


SymbiOx has developed a photosynthetic scaffold technology that provides physicians with next-generation tools for the treatment and functional restoration and healing of damaged or diseased tissues. Our products incorporate a three-dimensional cellular matrix that is designed for applications directly over acute and chronic skin wounds (burns, bedsores, eczema and diabetic foot ulcers). The technology is flexible and easily conforms to the wounded skin site. Upon application, its scaffold matrix provides a source of oxygen and growth factors directly to the wound, promoting tissue healing. At the same time it reduces local inflammation, scarring and infection.


tab32 is a revolutionary cloud based dental software as a service (SAAS) that integrates all systems in a dental office. The tablet-based visual interface provides a simple, convenient, novel, and enjoyable user experience that increases documentation efficiency for the dental clinic.