StartR Teams - Class of Spring 2014


ChaiBrew offers a hassle-free automated brewing machine providing fresh, no artificial ingredients, and authentic tasting chai latte for your home and office at your fingertips.

Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform

Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform combines a cloud software platform with worldwide physical warehouses to help cross-border merchants to sell and deliver products worldwide efficiently and economically.


Guru is an online community marketplace that connects Yoga students and teachers who want to practice Yoga outdoors. Without the overhead of a traditional studio, students pay less and teachers earn more.


LeadCrunch accelerates growth by predicting which companies are most likely to buy from other companies. Unlike other lead generation and scoring technologies, LeadCrunch is a self-serve system that finds new leads that are most similar to your best customers.


Meego is a motion-activated alarm which adheres to an item to be monitored that is activated and sounds a loud alarm if moved.