StartR Teams - Class of Spring 2016


AirCourse provides travelers with a way to access food options that weren't previously available. Whether it's a matter of you not having time to get to your preferred food option or it's in a completely different terminal that you can't access, AirCourse will get it to you on time before you depart. .

Apollo Mail

The Apollo Mail app takes a simple approach to redefine how people view emails on their mobile devices. Rather than the traditional email threads that also embed the messages within each reply, we utilize the universally familiar SMS (chat-style) layout to redisplay a user’s individual email messages as if they actually were just a chat conversation. Additionally, users can download productivity-enhancing modules to help optimize the email experience for a mobile-first world.


Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a $40B problem for the US health care system. 40% of HAIs are the result of failure to perform a simple, basic task - hand washing. Health care workers (HCWs) are required to wash their hands before and after every patient contact, yet compliance rates are dismally low. The Braykion SmartbandTM is a wearable device that uses an advanced sensor fusion algorithm to monitor, record, and remind HCWs when they need to wash, and prevents patients from contracting these completely preventable infections. Braykion is transforming the obsolete patient armband into an innovative, meaningful wearable sensor which will save lives and improve patient safety.

Clarity Genomics

Clarity Genomics provides interactive web interfaces for consumer analysis of personal genomics data.


MobeWash is the waterless on-demand car wash service that provides a convenient, high quality, and eco-friendly hand wash booked easily through your mobile device. Our GPS-optimized dispatch platform will provide car washes anytime and anywhere using a network of reputable washers that we train and recruit to provide our service using eco-friendly waterless technology.

My Power Watch

Our team is aspired to provide catered products/services to specifically serve the unmet needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Our first product is a free iOS APP (TUTUroomii) that helps LGBTQ+ young people and allies find ideal roommates, new friends, and housing resources/services within the LGBTQ+ community.