StartR Teams - Class of Fall 2014

Aira offers an innovative service that is designed to help blind and low-vision users gain independence. The product provides personalized assistance from a network of certified agents, including family, friends, and volunteers. Our agents use a real-time interactive cloud-based dashboard purpose-built to process live data streams from cameras, GPS, and other sensor systems from wearable platforms like Google Glass. Aira’s platform uses an “Uber” style intelligent routing algorithm for connecting a vast crowdsource of agents to users for immediate assistance based on user preferences and agent schedules.

CB Therapeutics

CB Therapeutics is developing novel processes for the production of rare cannabinoids. Currently extraction of cannabinoids is not economically viable due to the cost. By using biotechnology, CB Therapeutics aims to bring these rare cannabinoids to the market for a wide range of applications.


Hydroceutical is a beverage company which specializes in manufacturing enhanced water for people with chronic disease states such as diabetes and heart disease. The minerals and vitamins that have been shown to be useful in the treatment and prevention of certain disease states now can be had in one’s daily water intake instead of remembering to take a vitamin pill.

Insilico Scientific

Our company is called Insilico Scientific. We have developed an algorithm to help drug companies optimize clinical trials outcomes and get more drugs to the market.

Service Pair

ServicePair is a mobile-first app that connects licensed contractors to construction professionals. We’re putting construction to work.