StartR Teams - Class of Fall 2015


Cardkive is a startup founded by two UCSD Rady School of Management alumni and an alumni from the Simon School of Business.  The company’s first product addresses the mundane problem of saving holiday/birthday cards.  Cardkive is developing an app that will facilitate the process of digitally storing this information and plans on releasing their product towards the end of this 2015.

Factor Technologies

Factor Technologies is launching Hummingbird.Money, the first automated saving and investing platform dedicated to understanding and enriching the lives of aspirational Millennial Women. We design uniquely risk-conscious investment portfolios with enhanced upside potential, and we are poised to be the first “robo advisor” to launch its own patent-protected investment products.

Precision Prognostics

Precision Prognostics has developed novel analytical approaches that aim to transform the current space of diagnostic discovery, using small molecule chemistry to predict who will develop disease or respond to a drug.


TalentCrew will help companies find and hire talent in record time with the use of technology. Finding and hiring great talent can be very costly and represent a big challenge to companies of any size. TalentCrew will solve this problem in a simple an efficient way.


BREWnGO seeks to make the world's first smart and portable tea brewer that will allow people to automatically prepare a healthy, energizing, and delicious cup of tea on the go.


Our team is aspired to provide catered products/services to specifically serve the unmet needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Our first product is a free iOS APP (TUTUroomii) that helps LGBTQ+ young people and allies find ideal roommates, new friends, and housing resources/services within the LGBTQ+ community.