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Dr. Rob Fuller, Director
Entrepreneur Development Program
Rady School of Management
University of California, San Diego

The Entrepreneur Development Program has significant experience creating Centers for Entrepreneurship that act as catalyst organizations to develop entrepreneurs who can lead and manage successful companies and advance a culture of entrepreneurship. More than a training center, a center for entrepreneurship broadens the role and scope of entrepreneurship in society and the economy.

Through a proactive approach that includes the development of business associations, public events and advocacy efforts for entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Development Program Centers for Entrepreneurship help create a culture that offers a concentrated and sustained effort to welcome and promote entrepreneurship. The result is more new business creation and the expansion of established companies that have the know-how and potential to grow.

With efforts spanning international borders and regional locations, Entrepreneur Development Program-managed centers have worked with hundreds of companies, delivering training, business advocacy and exchange programs. In turn, these companies have created thousands of jobs and contributed millions of dollars back to their communities.

Services offered through Centers for Entrepreneurship include:

  • Needs assessment and research
  • Entrepreneurship and management training
  • Visiting entrepreneur programs
  • Roundtables and discussion groups
  • Entrepreneur venture groups
  • Policy forums
  • Trade and investment facilitation
  • Strategic alliances with media and local partners
  • Entrepreneurship association development
  • Study tours
  • Entrepreneurship educator training

Centers Succeed in Multiple Regions

In 2002, the Entrepreneur Development Program established the U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship based in Moscow. The Center is an initiative of the U.S. Russia Investment Fund (Delta Private Equity Partners), a leading private equity fund in Russia. The U.S. Russia Center, which has expanded to St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, is engaged in a variety of services to assist growth entrepreneurs and promote a culture of entrepreneurship in the country. The Center has effectively located high-potential entrepreneurs, identified their development needs and connected them with the resources necessary for growth, including equity investments for dozens of companies.

Through a multi-national planning process to determine scope, structure, sponsorship and operations, the Entrepreneur Development Program oversaw and coordinated the establishment of the Bahrain Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. This center, developed under a mandate from the G8 industrialized nations and managed by the Entrepreneur Development Program, successfully trained hundreds of new and experienced entrepreneurs in seven countries during its first two years of operations.

Entrepreneur Development Program experts also consulted with the Kazakhstani-American Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation and the Kyrgyz-American Center for Entrepreneurship Studies in central Asia to define business strategy and organizational development for these centers. In addition to assessing and training business faculty in teaching entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur Development Program hosted and conducted a study tour to the USA for leaders from Kazakhstan to learn how similar centers operate.

The Entrepreneur Development Program has developed a set of standards for entrepreneurship centers and provides an assessment service that indicates resource and performance benchmarks in terms of human and other resources, management, operations, quality of products and services provided. Upon completion, Entrepreneur Development Program consultants then develop plans to close the gaps between ideal and actual performance within the benchmark framework.