A distinct advantage of LDP for STM is its unique, immersive program that integrates interactive classroom instruction with individualized and workplace-focused learning in a format that fits the busy schedule of science and engineering managers. The LDP for STM approach is vastly different from the old style executive education courses where managers are largely cut off from their company activities for up to three weeks. Further by being away from their work for this extended period, they do not have the opportunity to immediately apply lessons learned to their normal work activities.

With LDP for STM’s far more effective approach, managers will spend a total of 10 days (three to four days at a time spread over a three month period) at the Rady School’s beautiful San Diego campus participating in highly interactive classroom and group discussion settings. This experience is combined with the program’s immersive, workplace-focused learning assignments. Taking this interactive approach, participants gain the equivalent of an additional six to seven days of leadership development while continuing to work on their current job assignments. The two intersessions may include, but are not limited to virtual hands-on components such as Myers-Briggs assessment, customer value assessment, brand image determination, business challenge brainstorming, supply chain value considerations and ROI Analysis. As opposed to the old style, continuous format, this approach allows new knowledge and skills to be tried and tested in the workplace immediately. Any challenges encountered during implementation can be remedied in real-time during the next on-campus session. This methodology provides a far deeper assimilation and lasting application of developmental learning.


The LDP for STM provides an intimate learning experience unmatched by other programs. With small class sizes (limited to 30 participants from numerous companies) and faculty mentoring between classroom sessions, the program fosters active, high-retention learning. Classes are taught by the Rady School’s world-renowned faculty and other highly regarded thought leaders, serving as highly accessible and engaging teachers and coaches. This accessibility can continue beyond the end of the program at the discretion of the participant. At the conclusion of the program, participants will receive a certificate indicating successful completion of the course of study.