In science and technology-driven industries, the levers of competitive advantage continuously shift. Products and services that are cutting-edge today become obsolete in short-order. Competitive forces keep pushing companies to constantly seek new innovations that can be brought to market in a timely and effective way. In such a dynamic environment, having the appropriately skilled leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

It is vital for companies to develop their technology & scientific managers to a level of superior performance. The Leadership Development Program for Science and Technology management (LDP for STM) provides the advanced leadership skills, operational discipline and business tools participants will require for achieving their ultimate career and company goals.


The Leadership Development Program for Science and Technology Managers (LDP for STM) is a partnership between CONNECT and The Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego. The unique curriculum of the LDP was designed in collaboration by a task force of regional innovation companies and included many of our largest employers as well as small & medium size companies. The program is conducted at the UC San Diego's beautiful La Jolla Campus.


CONNECT is a regional program that catalyzes the creation of innovative technology and life sciences products in San Diego County by linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success. Since 1985, CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of more than 3,000 companies. CONNECT leaders attribute their success to the unique culture of collaboration between industry, capital sources, professional service providers and research organizations that CONNECT has sought to foster in the region.


The Rady School of Management focuses on developing executives who understand the languages of science, technology and business, as well as have the skills and drive to successfully move innovative ideas from concept to market. Although both UC San Diego and the Rady School are relatively young, they have already achieved world-wide recognition.

  • UC San Diego has been rated the 8th best public university in the nation (U.S. News and World Report 2013) and 10th in the nation of all universities for quality of faculty (National Research Council 2009).
  • The university has been ranked 1st in the nation based on the positive impact the university has had on the country (Washington Monthly’s 2012 College Guide).
  • The Rady School has been rated as one of the top 20 business schools world-wide in the top level of academic research.
  • UC San Diego’s lineage includes 20 Nobel laureates including Harry Markowitz at the Rady School.
  • Over the last seven years, Rady alumni have started over 60 companies which have received outside funding and over 100 “intrepreneurial” products or services have been launched within Fortune 1000 firms under the direction of Rady graduates.

Within this context of excellence, CONNECT® and the Rady School have developed a dynamic and highly unique educational experience for technology and scientific leaders.