Upon completion of the program, participants will be proficient with:

  • Exploiting research & engineering strategy to drive the company forward by building competitive advantages in technology
  • Identifying the drivers of technical and scientific innovation to derive new product strategy
    • Customer Value Proposition and its impact on the design and sales of products and services
    • Market segmentation, positioning and global brand identification
    • New paradigms for customer interaction and information gathering
    • Product portfolio management and life-cycle planning & management
  • Using on-time and on-budget imperatives in advanced product development techniques
    • Opportunities for design/development process improvements
    • Supply chain design for greater customer value and company financial returns
    • Cost management and the operational dashboard for closed loop control
    • The 24-hour engineering time clock
  • Establishing and sustaining a culture of innovation
    • What it means to be in charge
    • Effective and efficient conversational style
    • Difficult conversations and harnessing disruptive impulses
    • Building internal strategic relationships


A distinct advantage of the LDP for STM is its unique, immersive program that integrates interactive classroom instruction with individualized and workplace-focused learning in a flexible format that fits the busy schedule of technology managers.

The program consists of two educational formats, held at the Rady School's Center for Executive Development at UCSD:

  • SESSIONS: 10 days total of on-campus classroom instruction; 3-4 days at a time spread over a three month period. All classroom instruction is highly interactive with lecture, break-out sessions, individual & team exercises.
    • Establishing a Culture of Innovation • Advance Project Management
    • Mastering Market Dynamics • Building Internal Strategic Relationships
  • INTERSESSIONS: 6-7 days of workplace focused learning assignments to be completed during the two inter-sessions. These assignments may include, but are not be limited to virtual hands-on components:
    • Customer value assessment • Supply chain evaluation
    • Brand image determination • Return-on-investment calculations


The faculty for the LDP for STM are drawn from the distinguished ranks of the Rady School of Management and from other leading-edge learning organizations. They are not only renowned researchers and authors, but also highly engaging classroom educators with broad experience in the business world. These include:

On Amir, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing, Rady School of Management
Research award winner from the Marketing Science Institute and from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
Vish Krishnan, Ph.D.
Professor of Innovation, Rady School of Management
Sheryl and Harvey White Endowed Chair, Innovation, Technology & Operations
Ernie Mendes, Ph.D.
Professor & Bestselling author: "Empty the Cup before You Fill It"
Pioneer in the study on Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)
William Jeffries, Ph.D.
Professor & Bestselling Author
Shatner/Delaney "Keeping America Strong" award winner for helping American business recover from the effects of 9-11