February 18, 2014


$350 - Includes tuition, course materials, parking and meals.

University of California, San Diego
Rady School of Management
Center for Executive Development


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About the Program

Most leaders are not satisfied with their current results.

This course offers a new way to lead. BEST45 will enable leaders and teams to deliver results never thought possible. Drawn from the strong correlation between employee engagement and high performance, the leadership models you will learn will teach you how to engage talent on your team using communication tools that are concise, engaging, bold and action-focused - tools for real work environments.

Busy? BEST45 teaches leaders to engage talent and enable success next… in 45 seconds or less. Yes, it just might be the BEST 45 seconds a leader could spend on any hectic work day.

With the tools and methods you will learn, you’ll improve your ability to ignite problem solving, decision making, innovation and collaboration on your team every day. Other not-so-ancillary and powerful benefits: a crank up in confidence, efficiency, success-powered energy, “bench” development, engaged customers and the list goes on.


  • Quickly engage talent on work team
  • Strengthen communication tools
  • Develop more action-focused dialogue
  • Gain confidence, efficiency and energy
  • Better engage customers


This course is appropriate for any business leader who interacts with talent and wants to increase performance metrics.


Sue Melone has over 25 years of leadership experience in the US Army and Fortune 500 companies igniting soldiers, sales teams and machine operators to deliver results never thought possible. Transformed poor performing businesses into world-class organizations by building highly engaged leaders and teams that can execute. Sue holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Maryland.

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