October 20, 2015


Course runs from 8 a.m. –5 p.m. Registration includes tuition, course materials, parking and meals.


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Program Overview

Conflicts within the workplace impact productivity and create a negative work environment. Conflict Resolution Strategies for Managers is a practical, interactive course which helps a diverse group of professionals integrate conflict management skills into their respective professions.

Developed by the National Conflict Resolution Center, this course provides a comprehensive set of communication skills and introduces useful strategies for managing workplace conflicts. Beyond that, the course provides tools for the employees who participate. The course is designed to foster accountability both for the problem and its solution.

Course Outcomes

  • Creates an internal capacity for managers and supervisors to reduce daily conflicts
  • Helps avoid future litigation and turnover costs
  • Encourages productive collaboration on team projects
  • Provides tools for ongoing models of positive behavior in the workplace

Course Outline

This course gives managers both specific communication skills for conflict situations and a four-stage process to follow.

Stage One provides managers with the skills required to effectively manage initial private discussions with those involved in a dispute. This part of the training focuses on using appropriate, deescalating language, listening for the interests of each employee and asking questions to encourage participation and accountability.

In Stage Two, managers learn to reflect on what they have heard from both employees and develop a strategic plan for a joint meeting.

In Stages Three and Four, participants learn how to manage a three-way conversation with employees in a way that expresses their interests and those of the company. The process encourages employees to take responsibility for resolving the dispute and acknowledge the importance of recognizing each others’ interests. Ultimately, the manager and employees find a solution that addresses those interests and fits within the context of the company. Participants get an opportunity to practice the process both as an employee and as the manager.

Participants leave with new ways to think about conflict, new skills to manage it and a flexible process that offers the structure they need to successfully resolve a variety of workplace conflicts.

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