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University of California, San Diego
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About the Program

Our lifestyles are becoming more global and our world is increasingly diverse. This rapid evolution brings greater opportunities for growth, yet most of us underestimate the subtle differences in the way people from diverse backgrounds perceive the world – and how greatly this can impact our success in communicating and doing business with them.  

Developing our cultural intelligence can help us interact more effectively with people from all regions of the globe – characterized by different values, customs, attitudes, behaviors, languages, and time zones. If we can effectively perceive how people think, communicate, and behave in cultures different than our own, we will learn to interact with them more successfully. Through lively, interactive discussions, role-playing, and self-assessment exercises, participants in this course will discover new ways of seeing the world and its people. Using effective tools to interpret the subtle differences between cultures across the globe, participants should walk out of the classroom with an enriched level of cultural intelligence, ready to practice at home and in the workplace.

Topics Covered

  • Powerful tools to heighten one’s cultural intelligence
  • Challenging preconceptions and cultural stereotypes
  • Heightened awareness of one’s surroundings – using the six senses
  • Deepening experiences through intuition – matching each culture’s expectations and needs
  • Perceptions of reality – time, space, cultural dimensions and filters
  • Importance of value and belief systems in a culturally diverse world
  • Building relationships and trust – communication is not a 1-way street
  • Effective body language, eye contact, space bubbles, and touching habits
  • Future growth opportunities – developing an expanded, bird’s eye view of the world

Learning Objectives

This interactive course will help participants to:

  • Develop insight on how to recognize the diverse cultural values of others, to help strengthen relationships and long-term trust with people from foreign cultures.
  • Become aware of potential areas of conflict or sensitivity lurking underneath the surface of interactions with people from other cultures or in multicultural teams.
  • Utilize tools for heightened cultural intelligence that will assist them in their role as a multicultural team leader/member, or as a representative of a global business.
  • Improve their understanding of diverse thinking, communication, behavior, and decision-making processes due to cultural influences and reduce their reliance on stereotypes.
  • Help them perceive certain fundamental concepts regarding different types of cultures, including their awareness of their own culture.
  • Increase their chances of obtaining and completing a successful assignment as a global manager or expatriate executive overseas.
  • Build self-confidence in overseas business interactions.
  • Help them appreciate the advantages of working in multicultural teams, and working in a multicultural environment, such as San Deigo.


This course is appropriate for any business professional who interacts with others in a multicultural environment, is a representative for a global business, or is searching for an overseas expatriate assignment.

About the Faculty

Dr. Anne Randerson is an intercultural business consultant and trainer specializing in cross-cultural business communication (EU-Japan-USA), global leadership, diversity, global mobility, comparative lifestyles and cultural integration.  

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Dr. Randerson has lived for nearly 25 years as an expatriate in Belgium, Japan, France and Spain. Through her diverse expatriate experiences she has learned to speak six languages, including French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.  

Dr. Randerson received her B.A. degree in French from the University of California at Davis, and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Human Life Studies from Koriyama Women’s University, in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. After conducting her doctoral research for six years in Japan, funded by a Monbusho Japanese government academic research scholarship, she returned to Europe in 2003, to work as a translator at NYSE Euronext, the international stock exchange in Brussels, Belgium.  

In addition to consulting and leading training seminars for corporate clients, Dr. Randerson is an MBA lecturer in Intercultural Business Communication at United Business Institutes in Brussels, Belgium, and a visiting lecturer in Vietnam, Croatia and Serbia. Since 2008, and until her recent relocation to San Diego this September, she taught graduate courses in Culture and Development, Leadership, Project Management and Communications at Boston University in Brussels. She also taught seminars at various institutions in Europe, including the European Commission, the European Training Institute, and the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels.  

As a seminar facilitator in global companies and EU institutions, Dr. Randerson regularly team-teaches, co-designs and co-facilitates seminars for clients and colleagues. She highly appreciates the synergy and creativity resulting from combining individual strengths and sources of knowledge and inspiration. She has an intense desire to motivate the participants in her seminars through interactive presentations, role-playing, self-assessment activities and teambuilding exercises.  

Photos from Dr. Randerson’s book, Scenes of Japan, have been exhibited in numerous locations, including both the Japanese and American Embassies in Brussels, Belgium.

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