September 14, 2017


Course runs from 8 a.m. – noon.

Registration fee includes course materials, campus parking and catered breakfast.


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About the Program

Nervous speaking in public? You’re in good company. The National Institute of Mental Health identified that 74% of the population experiences some form of nerves when speaking in public. Here’s the great news: you can overcome your fear. Using techniques developed by actors to overcome stage fright, Dr. Rebecca Johannsen works with teams to improve their confidence and put the focus on the message. The Public Speaking I course is a hands-on course that creates a safe environment for improving your skill set.


This course is appropriate for any business professional that must interact publically, give presentations to investors, lead work group meetings, pitch ideas or represent their company in social events.


Participants will:

  • Achieve awareness of how body language can create a strong executive presence
  • Discover how to use their voice effectively to inspire confidence in their ideas
  • Uncover how active listening and reading body language can aid in communication
  • Overcome nerves by refocusing your energy and quelling your internal voice


This interactive course will help participants:

  • Grab the audience’s attention
  • Develop impactful content
  • Help audiences listen more actively to your presentation
  • Develop relaxation and concentration tips for public speaking
  • Understand body language and vocal strength


Dr. Rebecca Johannsen has taught courses with Rady in Public Speaking and Emotional Intelligence for several years, pairing exercises used by actors with the latest in organizational training and development. Dr. Johannsen holds a Ph.D. in Theatre from the joint doctoral program at UC Irvine and UC San Diego and a Master’s degree in Theatre from San Diego State. She has taught theatre at New York University, Fordham University, CSU Northridge, and Speech and Communication at Mercy College in New York. She currently resides in London  where she is developing courses in Emotional Intelligence, Public Speaking, and Creativity with organizations across the UK. She is also an accomplished actor, director, dramaturg and producer of theatre in San Diego, New York City, and London.