The Ayer-Rady Executive Leadership Institute was formed by the partnering of Ayer CE and University of California, San Diego’s Rady School of Management. The program is conducted at UC San Diego’s beautiful La Jolla campus.

Ayer CE focuses on leadership development to move your career to the top level. Ayer CE’s mission is to push the frontiers of executive leadership, to develop the C-Level executives of the future, to provide them with the relevant skills to shape the destiny of their companies – to even shape the future of their industries.

Over the past several years, the team at Ayer CE has conducted extensive research to understand:

  • What makes companies and people succeed? What makes the difference between success and failure?
  • What are the key determinants of leadership in our global, multicultural business world?
  • Why is it that some companies manage their destiny and become trailblazers in their industry while others fall by the wayside?

Utilizing the expertise gained through decades of global business leadership, combined with its multinational consulting experience, the team at Ayer CE has developed and conducted comprehensive leadership development programs for personnel from several countries including the U.S., Germany, France, Japan, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and England.


The Rady School of Management focuses on developing executives who understand the languages of both science and technology and business, as well as have the skills and drive to successfully move innovative ideas from concept to market. Although both UCSD and the Rady School are relatively young, they have already achieved world-wide recognition.

  • UC San Diego has been rated the 8th best public university in the nation (U.S. News and World Report 2013) and 10th in the nation of all universities for quality of faculty (national Research Council 2009).
  • The university has been ranked 1st in the nation based on the positive impact the university has had on the country (Washington Monthly’s 2012 College Guide).
  • The Rady School has been rated as one of the top 20 business schools world-wide in the level of academic research.
  • UC San Diego’s lineage includes 20 Nobel laureates including Harry Markowitz at the Rady School.
  • Over just the last seven years, Rady alumni have started over 60 companies which have received outside funding and over 100 “intrepreneurial” products or services have been launched within Fortune 1000 firms under the direction of Rady graduates.

Within this context of excellence, Ayer CE and the Rady School have developed a dynamic and highly unique educational experience that provides the leadership skills and business acumen to differentiate you from your colleagues and achieve your career aspirations.


The Ayer-Rady Executive Leadership Institute has several unique advantages:

  • An outstanding educational partnership with the mission of developing C-Level global executives who can reshape the thinking and behavior of technology driven organizations, leading them to the next level of superior performance.
  • Courses conducted in a world-class multidisciplinary environment in San Diego by renowned faculty who are not only distinguished researchers, but also highly engaging in the classroom.
  • Program flexibility that allows the participant to keep working in his or her current position while at the same time pursuing a deep assimilation and application of new or enhanced skills.
  • Individualized attention in an intimate, supportive learning environment that continues even after the end of the formal program.