Lecturers & Visiting Faculty

Summer 2014

Name Title Email Class(es) Summer 2014
John C. Anderson Lecturer jcanderson@ucsd.edu MGT4: Financial Accounting / MGT135: Federal Taxation for Companies / MGT131B: Intermediate Accounting B / MGT132: Auditing
Vincenzo Baglieri Visiting Professor   MGT449: Topics in Operations and Technology: Service Operations
Michael Berthelot Lecturer mberthelot@ucsd.edu MGT421: CEO, the Board of Directors, and Corproate Governance
Jenny Darroch Visiting Professor jdarroch@ucsd.edu MGT489: Topics in Marketing: Brand Management
L. Jean Dunn Lecturer L1dunn@ucsd.edu MGT181: Enterprise Finance
Delbert F. Foit, Jr. Lecturer dfoit@ucsd.edu MGT414A: Lab to Market I
Steven Gal Visiting Professor sgal@ucsd.edu MGT489: Topics in Marketing: Entrepreneurial Marketing
Robert Houskeeper Lecturer rhouskeeper@ucsd.edu MGT5: Managerial Accounting / MGT131A: Intermediate Accounting A
Nancy Kim Visiting Professor nskim@ucsd.edu MGT417: Current Business Law Issues
Kim Davis King Lecturer kking@ucsd.edu MGT463: Projects in Technology Commercialization
Christina Klein Lecturer t1klein@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing and Management / MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Victoria Krivogorsky Visiting Professor vkrivogorsky@ucsd.edu MGT136: Advanced Accounting
Barbara Lougee Visiting Professor blougee@ucsd.edu MGT239: Topics in Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis
Kanetaka Maki Lecturer Kanetaka.Maki@rady.ucsd.edu MGT121A: Innovation to Market A
Mary McKay Lecturer mamckay@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work / MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams
Anthony Mathews Lecturer amathews@ucsd.edu MGT429: Topics in Corproate Governance: Techniques of Equity Compensation
Michael Meyer Lecturer mwmeyer@ucsd.edu MGT452: New Product Development
Coby Morvinski Lecturer Coby.Morvinski@rady.ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing and Management
Joseph Pecore Lecturer jpecore@ucsd.edu MGT12: Personal Financial Management / MGT45: Principles of Accounting
Todd Salovey Lecturer tsalovey@ucsd.edu MGT439: Topics in Organizational Behavior: Advanced Management Communicaitons
Martin Staubus Lecturer mstaubus@ucsd.edu MGT426: Creating a High-Performing Workplace
Jan Sturdevant Lecturer jsturdevant@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management