Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

2008 Research Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Area Topic
Albert Mannes Duke Management An Integrative Solution to the Conflict over Conflict
Alex Markle NYU Management Asymmetric Disconfirmation in Beliefs about Employee Motivation
Terrence August Rady ITO TBA
Iwan Barankay Wharton Econ/Strategy TBA
Dobrislav Dobrev Federal Reserve Board of Governors Finance Main Paper: Duration-Based Volatility Estimation [ PDF ]; Companion Paper: Jump Robust Volatility Estimation [ PDF ]
Luis Rayo Chicago GSB Econ/Strategy Signaling with Imperfect Competition: Quality Escalation and Veblen Effects [ PDF ]
Kyna Fong Stanford TBA TBA
Vera Morhenn UC San Diego ITO Monetary sacrifice among strangers is mediated by endogenous oxytocin release after physical contact [ PDF ]
Charles Weinberg UBC Sauder Marketing The Competitive Implications of a “No-Haggle” Pricing Policy: The Case of the Access Toyota Program [ PDF ]
Catherine Tucker MIT Marketing How Does Popularity Information Affect Choices? Theory and A Field Experiment
Raj Rajagopalan USC ITO TBA
Cheryl Wakslak Columbia Marketing Near Certainties, Remote Possibilities: Probability, Abstraction, and Consumer Judgment [ PDF ]
Lorenz Goette Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Econ/Strategy Pro-Social Behavior and Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Blood Donations
Kanishka Misra Northwestern Marketing Understanding Retail Assortments In Competitive Markets [ PDF ]
Andrew Stephen Columbia Marketing Deriving Value from Social Commerce Networks [ PDF ]
Kelly Goldsmith Yale Marketing Ironic Effects of Goal Activation on Choice [ PDF ]
Harrison Hong Princeton Finance Time Varying Expected Commodity Returns
Karthik Ramachandran Southern Methodist University ITO A Dynamic Inventory Model with the Right of Refusal
Adrien Verdelhan Boston University Finance Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets [ PDF ]
Anny Wei UC San Diego ITO Does Mobile Number Portability Port Away Profitability? The Impact of Reduced Switching Costs
Cassie Mogilner Stanford Marketing The Time vs. Money Effect: Shifting Product Attitudes through Personal Connection
Adam Alter Princeton Marketing Easy on the Mind; Hard on the Mind: Effects of Fluency on Valuation, Elaboration, and Construal
Aldo Rustichini UMN Econ/Strategy Cognitive Skills Explain Economic Preferences, Strategic Behavior, and Job Attachment
Pierre-Olivier Weill UCLA Finance Liquidity shocks and order book dynamics [ PDF ]
Roland Benabou Princeton Econ/Strategy Group Think: Collective Delusions in Organizations and Markets
Ramamohan Paturi UC San Diego ITO Network Coordination Games
Justin Sydnor Case Western Reserve Econ/Strategy What’s in a Picture? Evidence of Discrimination from Prosper.com [ PDF ]
Pedro Rey Biel Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Econ/Strategy The Incentive Effects of Affirmative Action in a Real Effort Tournament
Ingolf Krueger UC San Diego ITO A Fault Tolerant Approach for Enterprise Applications [ PDF ]
David Dunning Cornell University BDRM Why People Trust:�Evidence from Economic Games
Joachim Vosgerau CMU Marketing TBA
Sylvain Champonnois Rady Finance Bank Competition and Development
Hilke Plassmann Caltech Econ/Strategy The Neuroeconomics of Simple Consumer Decision Making [ PDF 1 2 ]
Lu Zhang Michigan Finance Neoclassical Factors
Kristin Kleinjans USC Econ/Strategy Do Gender Differences in Competition matter for Occupational Expectations? [ PDF ]
Ulrike Malmendier Berkeley Econ/Strategy The Bidder’s Curse [ PDF ]
Stefano Dellavigna Berkeley Econ/Strategy The Effect of Fast-Food Restaurants on Obesity
Jaime Zender Colorado - Boulder Finance A Simple-But-Powerful Test for Long-Run Event Studies
Steven Currall UCL ITO Public Adoption of an Emerging Technology: The Case of Nanotechnology [ PDF ]
Xuanming Su Berkeley ITO Bounded Rationality in Newsvendor Models SSRN
Allan Timmermann Rady Finance Portfolio Sorts and Tests of Cross-Sectional Patterns in Expected Returns [ PDF ]
Jules van Binsbergen Duke Finance Predictive regressions: A Present-Value Approach
Saurabh Bhargava Berkeley Econ/Strategy Perception is Relative: Sequential Contrasts in the Field
Martin Weber Mannheim BDRM Determinants of Risk Taking Behavior: The role of Risk Attitudes, Risk Perceptions and Belief
Rakesh Sarin UCLA ITO Does More Money Buy More Happiness? [ PDF ]
Stephan Meier Zurich Econ/Strategy Doing Good or Doing Well? Image Motivation and Monetary Incentives in Behaving Prosocially [ PDF ]
Kristof Madarasz Berkeley Econ/Strategy Information Projection: Model and Application [ PDF ]
Hyo duk Shin Stanford ITO Beating the Accuracy Trap: Overinvestment on Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Coordination Under Downstream Competition [ PDF ]
Zhiguo He Northwestern Finance Dynamic Compensation Contracts with Private Savings [ PDF ]
Nina Walton UCLA Econ/Strategy The Price of Admission: Who Gets Into Private School and How Much Do They Pay? and Advice, Information and the Reputation of CEOs [ PDF ]
Tom Wilkening MIT Econ/Strategy The Informational Properties of Institutions: An Experimental Study of Persistence in Markets with Certification
Ralph Koijen NYU Finance The Cross Section of Managerial Ability and Risk Preferences [ PDF ]
Isaac Kleshchelski Northwestern Finance Robust Equilibrium Yield Curves [ PDF ]
Philipp Sadowski Princeton Econ/Strategy Conditional Preference for Flexibility: Eliciting Beliefs from Behavior [ PDF ]
Ronnie Sadka Washington Finance Aggregate Earnings and Asset Prices (with Ray Ball and Gil Sadka)