Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

2009 Research Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Area Topic
Nathanael Fast Stanford Management Power Corrupts, But Not Absolutely: Power, Incompetence, and Hubris
Katherine Milkman Harvard Management Highbrow Films Gather Dust: Time-inconsistent Preferences and Online DVD Rentals
Boris Ata Northwestern ITO Optimizing Liver Allocation System Incorporating Disease Evolution
Sanjiv Erat Rady ITO Appropriating Value from an Innovation: The Role of Competition and (type of) Value Creation
Daniel Gottlieb MIT Econ/Strategy Imperfect Memory and Choice Under Risk
Konstantin Milbradt Princeton Finance Trading and Valuing Toxic Assets
Chen-Bo Zhong Toronto Managment Metaphors of the Mind: How Sins Feel Dirty and Loneliness Feels Cold
Stephen Leider Harvard Econ/Strategy Norms and Contracting
Vish Krishnan Rady ITO Investments in R&D, Information Technology, and Firm Performance
Tor-Erik Bakke University of Wisconsin Finance How does Finance Affect Growth? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Venezuela
Tunay Tunca Stanford ITO TBD
Ing-Haw Cheng Princeton Finance Corporate Governance Spillovers
Christopher S. Tang UCLA ITO Managing Time-Based Contracts with Delayed Payments
Florian Ederer MIT Economic Strategy Launching a Thousand Ships: Incentives for Parallel Innovation
Jan Bena London School of Economics Finance The Effect of Credit Rationing on the Shape of the Competition-Innovation Relationship
Anisha Ghosh London School of Economics Finance Asset Pricing with Regime Shifts in Consumption and Dividend Growth
David Sraer Berkeley Finance The Collateral Channel: How Real Estate Shocks affect Corporate Investment
Zahi Ben-David Ohio State Econ/Strategy Can Mandated Financial Counseling Improve Mortgage Decision-Making? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Nageeb Ali UC San Diego ITO Learning Self-Control
Nava Ashraf Harvard Econ/Strategy No Margin, No Mission? Designing Incentives for Public Goods Promotion
Manuel Sosa INSEAD ITO Can We Predict the Generation of Bugs? Software Architecture and Quality in Open-Source Development
Emir Kamenica Chicago Booth Econ/Strategy Do advertisements affect the physiological efficacy of branded drugs?
Amitav Chakravarti NYU Marketing Categories and Consequences: Categorization-Related Effects in Consumer Information Processing (1, 2)
Kenneth C. Wilbur USC Marketing Marketing on the High Seas: A Structural Model of Cruise Supply and Demand
Julian Jamison USC Econ/Strategy Economic Preferences and Health Behaviors
Noah Myung Caltech Econ/Strategy Improving Coordination and Cooperation Through Competition
Candace Yano Berkeley ITO Optimizing Print Preservation of Research Journals
Botond Koszegi Berkeley Econ/Strategy News Utility and Decision Making
Pamela Smith Radboud Management You focus on the forest when you're in charge of the trees: Power priming and abstract information processing
Hemant Bhargava UC Davis ITO How to Price Discriminate efficiently? Two-part vs. Three-part tariffs
Paul Zak Claremont ITO The Moral Molecule
Andy Schotter NYU Econ/Strategy On the dynamics and severity of bank runs: An experimental study
Chaim Fershtman Tel Aviv University Econ/Strategy Taboos: Considering the Unthinkable
Tolga Cenesizoglu HEC Montreal Finance Risk and Return Reaction of the Stock Market to News
Terry Taylor Berkeley ITO Does a Manufacturer Benefit by Selling to a Better-forecasting Retailer?
Francesca Gino UNC Econ/Strategy Dishonesty of Honest People
Christopher Polk LSE/Harvard Finance Best Ideas
Omar Al-Ubaydli George Mason Econ/Strategy The nature of excess: Investigating price dynamics in Chamberlin markets
Giovanni Ponti Universidad de Alicante Econ/Strategy Social vs. Risk Preferences
Raghuram Rajan Chicago Finance The Internal Governance of Firms
Ayelet Fishbach Chicago Marketing The Dynamics of Self-Regulation
Nicola Lacetera Case Western Reserve Econ/Strategy Increasing donations or stealing altruism?
Dmitry Livdan Berkeley Finance Informed Trading and Portfolio Returns
Gerard Cachon Wharton ITO Drivers of finished goods inventory in the U.S. automobile industry
Mariagiovanna Baccara NYU Econ/Strategy Similarity and Polarization in Groups
Suresh Muthulingam UCLA ITO Managerial Biases and Energy Savings: An Empirical Analysis of the Adoption of Process Improvement Recommendations
Anil Kashyap Chicago Finance Which Banks Recover from a Banking Crisis?
Florian Heider European Central Bank Finance Liquidity Hoarding and Interbank Market Spreads: The Role of Counterparty Risk
Aner Sela Stanford University Marketing Crossing the Efficiency Frontier: The Role of Unintended Outcomes in Consumers' Responses to Marketing Offers
Marc Martos-Vila UCLA Finance PIPEs: a Theory of Private v. Public Placements in Public Firms
Elanor Williams University of Florida Marketing The Dynamic Consumer: The Use of Ideals and Intentions in Judgements of Oneself and Others
Dan Bartels The University of Chicago Marketing The Role of Connectedness to the Future Self in Intertemporal Choice
Michel Marechal Institute for Empirical Research in Economics Econ/Strategy Gift-Exchange in the Workplace: Two Field Experiments
Michael Ewens UC San Diego Finance A New Model of the Risk and Return of Venture Capital
Kyu Kim University of Pennsylvania Marketing Understanding Anticipatory Time Perception in Consumers' Impatient Decisions
Sungho Park Cornell University Marketing Preference Evolution in the South Korean Cigarette Market
Sandra Slaughter Georgia Institute of Technology ITO The Practical Intelligence of Project Managers and Project Success in Software Development Offshore Outsourcing
David Hirshleifer UC Irvine Finance Self-Enhancing Transmission Bias and Active Investing
Yoram Halevy University of British Columbia Econ/Strategy Other-Regarding Preferences: Outcomes, Intentions or Interdependence?
Vincent Nijs Kellog School of Management Marketing Wal-Mart`s Impact on Supplier Profits
Matthew Selove MIT Marketing Firms Become Different? A Dynamic Model
Claudia Townsend UCLA Marketing The Impact of Product Design on Choice: A Dual-Process Explanation
Hong Liu Washington University in St. Louis Finance Portfolio Insurance, Underdiversification, and Idiosyncratic Risks
Guillaume Frechette New York University Econ/Strategy The Evolution of Cooperation in Infinitely Repeated Games: Experimental Evidence
Jeremy Fox University of Chicago Marketing Estimating Matching Games with Transfers
Joachim Vosgerau Carnegie Mellon University Marketing Thought for Food: Imaginary consumption engenders sensory-specific satiety
Yacine A�t-Sahalia Princeton University Finance Analyzing the Spectrum of Asset Returns: Jump and Volatility Components in High Frequency Data
Antonio Rangel Caltech Econ/Strategy The Neurobiology of Self-control
Yesim Orhun University of Chicago Marketing Social Preferences and the Expecations of Altruism
Nicolae Garleanu UC Berkeley Finance Margin-Based Asset Pricing and Deviations from the Law of One Price
Wendy Liu UCLA Marketing Decision Interruption
David Laibson Harvard University Econ/Strategy Asset bubbles and the cost of economic fluctuations
Lubo Litov Washington University in St. Louis Finance Creditor rights and corporate risk-taking
Stefan Nagel Stanford University Finance Estimation and Evaluation of Conditional Asset Pricing Models
John List University of Chicago Econ/Strategy TBD
Chloe Tergiman NYU Econ/Strategy Entrepreneurship Does Pay