Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

2010 Research Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Area Topic Date/Time Location
Matthias Sutter University of Innsbruck Econ/Strategy Strategic sophistication of individuals and teams in experimental normal-form games Jan 6 — 12:00pm 4S138
David Cesarini MIT Econ/Strategy Genetic Variation in Financial Decision Making Jan 13 — 10:30am 3E107
Daniel Oppenheimer Princeton Marketing The Secret Life of Fluency Jan 25 — 2:00pm 3E107
Kai Li Sauder Finance Hedge Funds in Chapter 11 Jan 29 — 2:45pm 3E107
Louisa Egan Kellogg Management What Monkeys and Kids Can Teach Us About Choice-Induced Preferences Feb 1 — 2:30pm 3E108
Sigrid Suetens Columbia Econ/Strategy Predicting Lotto numbers Feb 2 — 12:00pm 4S138
Leon Zhu USC ITO TBD Feb 3 — 10:30am 3S111
John Payne Duke Management Individual and task variability in risky choice Feb 3 — 2:00pm 3E107
Steve Heston Maryland Finance Option Anomalies and the Pricing Kernel Feb 5 — 2:45pm 3E107
Allen McConnell Miami Management Of Two Minds: Consequences of holding discrepant conscious and nonconscious evaluations Feb 8 — 2:00pm 3E107
Emir Kamenica Chicago Econ/Strategy Voters, Dictators, and Peons: Expressive Voting and Pivotality Feb 10 — 12pm 4S138
Jennifer Lerner Harvard Management The Effects of Emotion on Judgement and Decision Making Feb 10 — 2:00pm 3E107
Bronwyn Hall Berkeley Finance The market value of patents and R&D Evidence from European firms Feb 12 — 2:45pm 3E107
Daniel Mochon Yale School of Management Marketing The Relativity of 'Objective' Scales Feb 23 — 2:00pm 3E107
Alberto Rossi UC San Diego Economics Finance Optimal Inattention to the Stock Market, Portfolio Allocation and Consumption Feb 26 — 2:45pm 3E107
Phil Dybvig Olin Finance High Hopes and Disappointments Mar 2 — 2:45pm 3E107
Omar El Sawy USC ITO TBD Mar 5 — 12:00pm 3S138
Kenji Wada Keio Finance Signaling of Undervaluation: Further Evidence from Japanese Stock Repurchase Programs | Presentation Slides Mar 5 — 2:45pm 3E107
Martin Kocher Univ. of Innsbruck Econ/Strategy Reciprocity in Recessions Mar 8 — 12:00pm 4S138
James Fowler UC San Diego Econ/Strategy Cooperative Behavior Cascades in Human Social Networks Mar 10 — 12:00pm 4S138
Margaret Campbell Univ. of Colorado, Boulder Marketing Seeing is Eating: How and When Activation of a Negative Stereotype Increases Instrumental Behavior Mar 12 — 2:00pm 3E108
Ayako Yasuda UC Davis Finance The Behavior of Intoxicated Investors: The role of institutional investors in propagating the crisis of 2007 – 2008 Mar 12 — 2:45pm 3E107
Michele Belot Economics Group, Nuffield College Econ/Strategy The Onw-Race Bias in Memory and the Structure of Cross-Racial Relations Apr 5 — 12:00pm 4S138
Romain Rancière IMF and Paris School of Economics Finance Crash Risk in Currency Markets Apr 16 — 2:45pm 3E107
Ori Heffetz Cornell Econ/Strategy Is the Endowment Effect a Reference Effect? Apr 20 — 12:00pm 4S138
Jun Liu UC San Diego Rady School Finance Can Noise Create Size and Value Effect? Apr 23 — 2:45pm 3E107
Jiang Wang MIT Finance Liquidity of Corporate Bonds Apr 26 — 2:00pm 3E107
Wouter Dessein Columbia Econ/Strategy Pandering to Persuade Apr 29 — 3:00pm 4S138
Raghu Iyengar The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Marketing Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion: Do Affiliation and Geography Capture Social Network Ties? May 3 — 12:00pm 4S138
Jose Apesteguia Universitat Pompeu Fabra Econ/Strategy Pro-Social Behavior in Daily Life: Evidence from a Randomized Field May 6 — 12:00pm 4S138
Neng Wang Columbia Finance Dynamics of Entrepreneurship and Incomplete Markets May 7 — 2:45pm 3E107
Ernesto Ruben Columbia Econ/Strategy The Glass Ceiling in Experimental Markets May 10 — 2:00pm 4S138
Moshe Hoffman University of Chicago Econ/Strategy Height and Competitiveness May 12 — 12:00pm 4S138
Dr. John Fontanesi Center for Management Science in Health, UC San Diego ITO TBD May 12 — 12:00pm 3S138
Martin Lettau Berkeley Finance Consumption and Wealth Dynamics May 14 — 2:45pm 3E107
Josh Angrist MIT Econ/Strategy Who Benefits from Kipp? May 18 — 2:30pm 4S138
Wayne Ferson USC Finance The ‘Out-of-Sample’ Performance of Long-Run Risk Models May 21 — 1:30pm 3E107
Luigi Guiso European University Institute Econ/Strategy TBD May 25 — 10:30am 4S138
Jeff Galak Carnegie Mellon Marketing The Maleability of Satiation May 25 — 12:00pm 4S138
David J. Cooper Florida State Univ. Econ/Strategy Misery Loves Company: Social Regret and Social Interaction Effects in Choices Under Risk and Uncertainty May 26 — 12:00pm 4S138
Robert Marquez Univ. of Boston School of Mgmt. Finance The Economics of Club Bidding in Private Equity May 28 — 2:45pm 3E107
Benjamin Kay UC San Diego Economics Finance How Do Corporate Firms Substitute Among Tools Used to Monitor the Agency Problem? June 4 — 2:45pm 3E107
Pedro Matas USC Marshall Finance The Pay Divide: (Why) Are U.S. Top Executives Paid More? Sep 29 — 2:45pm 1E107
Gary Charness UC Santa Barbara Econ/Strategy What Can Labor Economists Learn from the Lab? Oct 6 — 12:00pm 3S111
Raphael Thomadsen UCLA Marketing Seeking an Aggressive Competitor: How Product Line Expansion Can Increase All Firms' Profits Oct 12 — 2:00pm 4S138
Rami Zwick UC Riverside Econ/Strategy “Pay What You Want” as a Profitable Pricing Strategy Oct 13 — 12:00pm 3S111
Cynthia Wu Dept of Economics, UC San Diego Finance Identification and Estimation of Affine-Term-Structure Models Oct 13 — 2:45pm 1E107
Carey Morewedge Carnegie Melon Management Why Alternatives Don't Matter, Unless They are Enjoyed by Someone Else Oct 19 — 10:00am 3E107
Martin Dufwenberg University of Arizona Econ/Strategy Deals Oct 20 — 12:00pm 3S111
Richard W. Roll UCLA Anderson Finance Internationally Correlated Jumps Oct 20 — 2:45pm 1E107
Einar Bakke Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) Finance Public Information and IPO Underpricing Oct 27 — 2:45pm 1E107
Stephan Meier Columbia Econ/Strategy Under-Savers Anonymous: Evidence on self-help groups and peer pressure as savings commitment device Nov 3 — 12:00pm 3S111
Yael Hochberg Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Finance The Size and Specialization of Direct Investment Portfolios Nov 3 — 2:45pm 1E107
Stephan Seiler The London School of Economics and Political Science Marketing The Impact of Search Costs on Consumer Behavior: A Dynamic Approach Nov 5 — 10:30am 4S138
Stephen Spiller Duke Marketing Opportunity Cost Consideration Nov 9 — 10:30am 4S138
Simon Gaechter University of Nottingham Econ/Strategy Do Incentives Destroy Voluntary Cooperation? Nov 10 — 12:00pm 3S111
Seth J. Pruitt Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Finance Disaggregate Valuation Ratios and Market Expectations Nov 10 — 2:45pm 1E107
Joe Nunes USC Marketing The Essence of a Brand Nov 16 — 10:30am 4S138
Victoria Ivashina Harvard Business School Finance Unstable Equity? Combining Banking with Private Equity Investing Nov 17 — 2:45pm 1E107
Sriram Narayanan Michigan State University ITO TBD Nov 19 — 1:00pm 3S138
Masakazu Ishihara University of Toronto Marketing Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods without Physical Depreciation: The Case of Japanese Video Games Nov 30 — 10:30am 4S138
Yan Chen University of Michigan Econ/Strategy Which Hat to Wear? Impact of Natural Identities on Coordination and Cooperation Dec 1 — 12:00pm 3S111
Anjan Thakor Olin School of Business Finance Incentives to Innovate and Financial Crises Dec 1 — 2:45pm 1E107
Ramandeep Randhawa USC Marshall School ITO Capacity Planning in Service Systems with Arrival Rate Uncertainty: Safety Staffing Principles Revisited Dec 8 — noon 3S138
Jennifer Mueller Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania ITO TBD Dec 15 — noon 3S138